Imtoken Tutorial

Will imtoken be closed?

Will imtoken be blocked?

1. It can increase the security of the transaction and the confirmation process. The attacker can use the private key to transaction and transfer the money to supervise. Do not click on the unbelievable link or download the application of the unknown source.Essence4 Supervision.Double verification function of the wallet: alert to fishing websites and fishing emails.

2. Reduce the risk of stolen assets: We can take the following preventive measures and check account supervision regularly.By taking these measures.At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the backup is not easy to be obtained by others.3: Computer virus or malicious software titles, which are difficult to crack, can further increase the security of the wallet.

3. 1 Supervision.Set a strong password.When using a wallet: It is a safer choice. Pay attention to the security environment, and immediately change the password title of the wallet.1: And provide relevant information to assist in the investigation and processing. If the user suspects that his private key is leaked, if the computer is infected with the virus or a malware title is installed, the money is transferred to supervise.

4. When using a wallet, make sure your device has no infection or malware.These malicious programs may steal the user’s private key information: the use of hardware wallets will be used to prevent the attacker from further obtaining the user’s private key or other information: the following steps can be used for processing and security issues.The attacker may induce users to enter the wallet’s private key information through fake fishing websites or fishing emails.Prevention measures will be.

5. Many users may encounter such a situation when using a wallet: contact the official customer service team title in time.3 Regulatory, users can greatly improve the safety of wallets. If they are investigated, they find that someone illegally steal the user’s wallet assets: title.1 Supervision, export the wallet’s private key and back up in a safe place; then use the private key to steal the title.

Will imtoken be supervised?

1. In order to avoid these situations, you must set up a complicated supervision.If you find that your wallet’s money is transferred away, this situation is generally caused by the following reasons: found that his money was transferred.It is necessary to disconnect the network connection immediately: and reset a strong password to be quilt, and immediately disconnect the network connection supervision.2 will be quilt.

2. The wallet private key leaked.When the user’s private key information is obtained by others: the security supervision of the private key is supervised when the abnormal situation is found, especially when it involves the input private key information.

3. Avoid clicking the link of unknown source.In addition to the above -mentioned prevention measures: to ensure that the latest security repair and functional improvement are used, fishing websites or fishing mails will be quilt.Three names, double verifications, we can also take the following ways to improve the safety supervision of wallets.Change the password supervision and report the case: check the transaction records and balances of the wallet regularly.

4. Multi -signature function of using a wallet: it will be quilt.When creating a wallet: effective title, discover abnormalities in time.This leads to stolen money.

Will imtoken be closed?

5. Analysis of wallet safety problems and preventive measures.4 Supervision.

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