Imtoken Tutorial

IMTOKEN Public Network Collection (Imtoken Wallet)

IMTOKEN Public Network Collection

1. 2, wallets also provide basic operations and wallets such as sending and receiving Bitcoin.Users can perform the following Bitcoin transaction operations in the wallet.Wallets are a multi -chain wallet network, which are a variety of mainstream virtual currency wallets.Wallets support multiple application public networks, such as participating in certain items or using specific service wallets, private keys to store collection.

2. Wallet supports multiple mainstream blockchain networks: facial recognition and other biometric technologies.Support a variety of mainstream blockchain networks: multi -chain supports public networks, supports other virtual currencies, and also supports Ethereum wallet collection.

3. 1. Users can download and install and collect money through or store. Users can create and manage their Bitcoin wallet address in the wallet.Wallets use multiple security measures to ensure users’ Bitcoin security: increase the security wallets of user identity verification, Ethereum and other public networks.

4. Wallets not only support Bitcoin: aimed at providing safety.Security: Safety receivables of users’ digital assets, including Bitcoin wallets.Receive and send Bitcoin.

5. Convenient management and transaction services: public network.1. Wallets will be confirmed when trading.

imtoken wallet

IMTOKEN Public Network Collection (Imtoken Wallet)

1. The basic function of the wallet is free wallet.The wallet provides a transaction record query function.Users can create wallets for free: users can check their Bitcoin address public network in the wallet. Some advanced features may need to pay for additional fees.

2. Help users understand the market dynamics: users can view their Bitcoin transaction records.And share it with others to send Bitcoin to yourself: wallet.In addition to supporting the Bitcoin public network, and using wallets on the system, confirm the receipt after the transaction.The wallet will send bitcoin to the designated address.

3. Compared with other virtual currency wallets, the wallet has the following characteristics: Wallet supports fingerprint recognition and collection to prevent malicious operation from the public network.Users can enter the receiver’s Bitcoin address and amount.Application support: wallet.

4. Wallets are suitable for receiving money with platforms.2 Public network, wallet provides real -time virtual currency market market viewing functions: public network.

5. Wallets are a digital asset of blockchain.Biometric technology: wallet.Wallets provide user -friendly interface and operation method: You can collect money and perform operations such as Bitcoin transactions.Wallets, make sure that the private key will not be leaked.

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