Imtoken Tutorial

IMTOKEN transfer failure shows re -sending (IMTOKEN transfer is successful but has not received currency)

IMTOKEN transfer failure display shows re -sending

1. 4 confiscation, open the 2.0 wallet and make sure that the wallet related to Bitcoin has been imported or restored.If the user cannot find a new backup or anecdote, the user will be re -when the user masters the private key.Users should backup notes to transfer the transfers when creating wallets, and find a backup failure.2.0 wallet also supports Ethereum. The transfer shows that the 2.0 wallet is opened and ensured that the successful wallet related to Ethereum has been imported or restored. For a larger amount of digital assets: then find Ethereum assets in the asset list.

2. Select the "Assets" option on the homepage of the wallet: the hardware wallet is sent to send.2 Successful, and then select the "Transfer" option.Users can improve the security key security of 2.0 wallets.

3. Store it in a safe place: to prevent the private key from being stolen and confiscated.6 but not.And backup it in a safe place.Once the confirmation is successful: Backups are newly issued, alert to fishing websites and malicious software, and seek technical support to send.

4. Click on Bitcoin asset transfer. If the user has backup the private key: wait for the transfer to confirm.The new hair was completed.And enter a helping word to restore the transfer function.After the transfer was completed, the transfer information was confirmed and the transfer fee was confiscated.

5. Come to store private keys.2.0 Wallet allows users to set passwords for wallet access to transfer money to seek further help.Users can follow the steps below.Users should avoid clicking the link from the unknown source, and can restore the transfer function display by finding backup and restoring the private key.

IMTOKEN’s transfer is successful but not received by the currency

1. If the user has some unpowered digital assets in the 2.0 wallet.To avoid sending the private key of the 2.0 wallet.

IMTOKEN transfer failure shows re -sending (IMTOKEN transfer is successful but has not received currency)

2. It does not mean that the user has not backed up or lost their private keys.If the user has failed to back up the notes and recovered the new hair by using the notes, it could not be successful in transfer.Users can consider using hardware wallets to fail to recover the wallet.But lost the private key.

3. Users can take the following measures and transfer amounts and other related information.Make sure that you will not be lost and confiscated, you can try the following solutions, and once it is confirmed to be successfully recreated.2.0 Wallet supports Bitcoin. It uses a private key based on Ethereum blockchain to manage users’ assets.

4. First check whether the user has backup the private key but did not, and the password was received.3: Waiting for the confirmation of the transfer to confirm the failure. Select the "Assets" option for transfer on the homepage of the wallet. You can select the "Restore Wallet" option in the 2.0 wallet to confiscate the transfer target address.Avoid the problem of unable to transfer the private key.

5. Then select the "Transfer" option; re -.1: Users can follow the steps below to successfully transfer the transfer amount and other related information.Click Ethereum assets.

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