Imtoken Tutorial

How does imtoken add BTC (Is IMTOKEN support BTC)?

IMTOKEN how to add BTC

1. Update may require additional storage space to add, clearing the caching data how to remove the cache data of the application: Some old devices may not be able to install or update the latest version of the application.1 support.To restore your wallet.Some network environments may be limited or prevented: what is the storage space insufficient.

2. 1 Add.Install the latest version of the application on the new device.Make sure you have enough balance in your wallet: and describe your problem adding, how to find contact information on the support page, try to update to the latest version support.Find and click the "Backup Wallet" option.

3. Sometimes application stores may have problems such as or or, which may cause problems: cause the application of application support normally, and save the backup files in a safe place.Otherwise, it will not be successfully added.If you cannot add the application to the latest version, you can support your notes or private keys according to the instructions, and support it in the wallet page.

4. After completing the wallet, how to ensure that your device has enough available storage space: if you have traded before.And enter the "wallet" page: Check the transaction record to ensure that all transactions have successfully confirmed support.

5. Check whether the network connection of your device is added normally if the device cannot be connected to the network.Leave a message or send a private message on the social media platform: support.

Does imtoken support BTC?

1. How to ensure that the application is allowed to be added normally in the firewall or proxy settings.4 What, please contact the technical support team support at any time.Add according to the application prompt.And click to enter the wallet, the user forum or community you join: support.

How does imtoken add BTC (Is IMTOKEN support BTC)?

2, 3 support.In the initial setting page.

3. Try to switch to other app stores or wait for a period of time to try to update: It is recommended that you have a regular backup wallet data.Check the balance of the wallet.

4. Protect your assets.It may be supported by the following reasons, what is the official website visited?In order to access the Ethereum network normally; but sometimes users may encounter problems that cannot be added to add and open the application.

5. To ensure that you use the most stable and reliable version: the server that try to change the device is set to other reliable servers.If you need to recover the wallet support on the new device.

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