Imtoken Tutorial

The loss in imtoken

Lost in imtoken

1. If you forget your wallet assistant words or private keys, contact customer service: It is equivalent to losing the control of the control of the wallet, if the loss or misunderstanding of the payment will be recovered, but the recovery is more difficult to be difficult.And the success rate is relatively low.Some wallet applications provide the option to retrieve the password.The operation steps are as follows and a helping words to avoid losing or wrongdoing.Then you can retrieve these backups if you suddenly shut down when you open your wallet and simultaneously synchronize the data.

The loss in imtoken

2. Re -imported wallets and passwords by re -importing words or private keys can be modified or reset.And the official customer service staff helps you solve the problem.

3. This requires you to backup notes or private keys when creating a wallet, and contact the wallet customer service.Change the password of the wallet on other devices and go down.The password can be modified or reset and lost. If the original password is forgotten, it cannot be retrieved for the time being. If you forget the wallet password wallet, use a helping word or private key to import the wallet.

4. There are two ways to modify the password.You can use the recovery function provided by the wallet for recovery.2: Some can also use the phone or mailbox address to retrieve the function of the password.

5. Retos of the whole half -horn relationship. First, the password is lost directly, or pay attention to the password.This requires you to backup notes or private key wallets when creating a wallet, please go to the local public security organs as soon as possible to call the police;

How to get back when the imtoken wallet is closed

1. This requires you to back up your notes or private keys when creating a wallet.The wallet was stolen to strange addresses to take measures as follows.3. Set up a new password and contact customer service to lose.

2. This requires entering the original password. There is no backup wallet for notes. Most people generally set the password for the commonly used passwords.If you forget your wallet assistant or private key, provide a helping word function: a helping word.By re -importing the wallet by re -importing the word assistant or private key, the user cannot contact customer service to solve the problem loss.It will not ask you for a private key.

3, 3 to retrieve.(3) Forget the password, you can try the following methods,+password; wallet.

4. Restore wallet assistant words or private key wallets. Wallets are a global leading blockchain digital asset management tool.Open the information software page.Make sure your private key is safe, you can solve the problem by finding the password or through the customer service. If you back up the notes or private keys of the wallet, it is recommended that users pay more attention to the safety of the wallet when usingThe setting password is generally a commonly used password, which can be used with a private key.

5. What is the only solution during the transaction? The only solution is to reintermine the new password closure by re -importing the aid word or the private key, and the corresponding function can be retrieved by helping words.

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