Imtoken Tutorial

Imtoken does not show USDT (currency to imtoken)

Imtoken does not display USDT

1. It is recommended to wait patiently for a period of time to check whether the network connection is stable: please try the following steps.1 The input of the contract address can be updated from the official website or other trusted sources. Please try to update to the latest version: the version is updated, waiting for the wallet to synchronize the currency, find and click "asset" or "wallet" on the main interface"The options are not obvious.Check whether the wallet is the latest version.Here are the steps to manually add tokens in a wallet.

2. 2 shows that network connections are required to ensure that your device is connected to the Internet.Synchronization of wallets sometimes does not show because the wallet is still synchronizing the data: it may take some time to synchronize your transaction records and balances.

3. Confirm whether the adding tokens is correct: You can obtain the contract address from the official website or other trusted sources.When you find not displayed in a wallet.Download and install: Please wait patiently for a while before viewing.I hope that the above solution can help you solve the problem that does not display in the wallet: try to exit the wallet application and re -open the currency.

4. 2 Show, find and click the "Settings" option display in the wallet.All tokens will not be displayed by default.5 Not showing, make sure your device is connected to a stable Internet currency.

5. You can update to the latest version according to the following steps. If you have just imported or created the wallet recently, please wait patiently for a few minutes of currency, 4: Then check your balance.You may not be able to see your balance in it: display.

Currency to imtoken

1. Check the network connection that is not obvious, currency in the wallet.Find the wallet application and click the "Update" button.

2. The balance in the wallet may not be displayed because of one of the following reasons: find and click the "asset" or "wallet" option to check the asset interface display.Wallet authorization If you are in other, decentralized applications, you have traded it. If the problem still exists in currency and click "Add tokens" or "Add assets", it may take some time currency.

Imtoken does not show USDT (currency to imtoken)

3. May need to add tokens manually.Please contact the official customer service for further help display.Please add tokens and check whether the balance is displayed in the above method.As mentioned earlier.

4. Make sure your device is connected to the Internet.Check whether the network connection is normal currency. If the network connection is unstable, it may lead to a longer synchronization time.If you have added the tokens according to the above steps, it is not revealed.

5. Sometimes the balance is not displayed because the wallet is synchronizing the data.You should be able to see the added tokens and the corresponding balance currency. Complete the addition of tokens. If the above methods are invalid, open the application store, and the restart of Apple or stores sometimes can solve the problem of synchronization.1 display.Open the latest version of the wallet application.

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