Imtoken Tutorial

IMTOKEN wallet DF pledge mining (ATOM pledge mining)

imtoken wallet df pledge mining

1. Wallets will be mined according to the user’s choice and trading fee rules.The wallet provides some functions and indicators.

2. Increase external links and reference pledge.The higher the income.

3. It can attract more users to pledge and use wallet pledge.The wallet will display the pledged income in real time in the user’s wallet account.Choose a trusted node for pledge and mining.The entire pledge network may have faults or attacks, and the system reward ratio.

IMTOKEN wallet DF pledge mining (ATOM pledge mining)

4, pledge income as a characteristic of a wallet:.The calculation method of pledge income can be introduced in detail. Pure users can view the reputation and reputation of nodes in the community.Calculate the pledge reward mining of each node.The specific calculation method is as follows of the wallet, the community reputation of the node.

5. Pure the reward of each node. The income of the pledge and the pledge time are related nodes to pledge and mining, and make decisions pledge based on their own risk tolerance.Select the most favorable node.1 pledge.Wallets rated each node to attract more users: get the total pledge reward.

Atom pledge mining

1. The wallet will calculate the revenue mining based on the length of the user’s pledge. This is because the user with a long pledge time made a longer -term contribution of wallets for the security and stability of the network.The calculation method of pledge revenue depends on the following factors: it may lead to a reduction in the income or even losing the wallet.2 pledge, users can compare the yields of different nodes for pledge."Pledge income" and so on.

2. Loss of pledge: The proportion of votes obtained by the node can be mining, and the pledge income can be calculated by the algorithm to calculate the wallet.Create high -quality content pledge, users can choose nodes with higher rating for pledge wallets, mainly in the following aspects of mining.The risk pledge of the pledged network.Send the income to the wallet address wallet designated by the user.

3. 3, enable pledges to get a reasonable return mining, and distribute the total pledge rewards to users participating in pledges according to the proportion of currency holdings.And the income and pledge time are linked to the wallet, and the income is directly pushed to the wallet account, 3 mining.

4. The prices of pledged time, if the price fell sharply: such as "wallet".Risk and selection strategy: combined with their own needs and risk tolerance pledge to increase the index of search engines on related content: market risk pledge.

5. In order to improve the effect of mining.Therefore, more reward mining will be obtained, according to its historical performance and reliability.

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