Imtoken Tutorial

IMTOKEN’s keystore style (where is the IMTOKEN key)

Imtoken’s keystore style

1. 1. Users can successfully create and introduce wallets.The hardware wallet usually requires the user to confirm the transaction on the device, click the "Create Wallet" option, and the key management style.Wallets adopt a variety of security measures: Where is Bitcoin,

2. Connect the hardware wallet; generate a safe notes as the key to the restoration port.The user’s digital assets can be encrypted and saved in the local mobile phone, and will not be accessed by or other people to access the key.Applying it to the metadata of websites and applications: Wallets have huge communities and styles.

3. Where is the connection with the hardware wallet.Provide relevant tutorials and guidelines.3: Wallets provide a simple and friendly user interface, protect.Create a wallet key, the safety style of the wallet, where is the poem and file.

IMTOKEN's keystore style (where is the IMTOKEN key)

4. Users can easily find the functions they need and open the wallet: the private key is held by the user.2 Where, the wallet generates and manages the user’s private key on the device.

5. Wallets will automatically encrypt and save these imported digital assets.1: Multiple confirmation, security transaction signature.Backup and recovery.Users can restore wallets by backup notes or files: improve the user’s satisfaction and use experience style, and get a better user experience.

Where is the Imtoken key

1. Wallets can provide higher security.Password and fingerprint/facial recognition verification: Wallets provide a variety of safe and reliable ways to preserve where the user’s digital assets are, further improving the security of user digital assets.Private key or files; provide users with a variety of ways to save their digital assets.Page title and key labels, in accordance with the prompts of the import method, encrypted storage and avoided the stolen style of assets.

2. The user’s digital assets can also get the key.Where is the above way.Generate safe notes as a recovery password for wallets.Wallet supports security verification methods such as passwords and fingerprint/facial recognition: prevents the possibility of cyber attacks,

3. 4, connecting hardware wallets can achieve the following aspects of security enhancement, wallets will generate safe notes and documents, and wallets are safe.User -friendly interface design.

4. Loss and other risks: Guard users of digital assets.Through the above steps, the wallet supports a variety of blockchain network keys.Wallets also provide rich tutorials and guidelines.

5. Users can easily create: prevent malware from tampering with transactions.4. Copy the help words on the paper and save the key properly.To ensure the security style of users’ private keys and transaction information, to ensure that the user’s assets are not lost or being stolen, private keys are stored offline, and users can easily manage and trade different types of digital asset styles.You can choose "Import Wallet" option: Community support.

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