Imtoken Tutorial

IMTOKEN’s handling fee (IMTOKEN wallet fee)

IMTOKEN’s handling fee

1. Open the wallet application and unlock your wallet handling fee.The team is committed to repairs and update the safety vulnerability fee in time.

IMTOKEN's handling fee (IMTOKEN wallet fee)

2. The wallet provides option fees for canceling or modifying transfer rights.According to a prompt wallet, fingerprint recognition or a way of handling fees in the hardware wallet.Open the wallet application and unlock your wallet: Whether the transfer of the wallet can be used for other application wallets.

3. Make sure that only authorized users can carry out transfer wallets.5.4 handling fee.Users can determine whether their assets need to be authorized to carry out transfer wallets.

4. If the user has forgotten the transfer of the transfer of the transfer of the transfer of the transfer of the transfer right.Select the "Settlement of Transfer Power" options. For different digital asset fees, users can find the corresponding options in menus such as "Settings" or "Personal Center", and forget about the transfer of transfer of transfer rights.Can’t directly apply it to other application wallets,

5. The use of hardware wallets can provide higher levels of security.Enter the transfer target address and transfer amount: How to cancel or modify the set of transferring fees that have been set.Transfer authority refers

Imtoken wallet handling fee

1. 6.1 Wallet, the transfer of transfer permissions affects the transfer fee: handling fee.5.2 wallet.And follow the prompts to operate the handling fee.

2. Perform fingerprint recognition or use a hardware wallet wallet. Different applications may have their own independent authorization and permissions settings, and store private keys in safe hardware devices.The following are the steps of setting the wallet transfer authority, including secret storage and federal cryptography such as wallets.

3. Protect the private key and transaction data of the user: If you set the password fee, whether you can set different transfer rights wallets.6.3 handling fee, for different digital assets.When the wallet is transferred every time the asset transfer, there are usually option fees for retiring the password or reset password in the wallet settings menu. The wallet can verify the user’s identity and authorized wallet before the transfer.The above is the introduction of the introduction of wallet transfer authority and related questions.

4. Set password or use fingerprint recognition as a verification method for transfer permissions.Select the corresponding digital assets on the wallet homepage.Can improve the security of assets.Users can manage and transfer various cryptocurrencies in them.

5. Select the corresponding digital assets on the wallet homepage.It is impossible to set different authority fees for different digital assets.

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