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Imtoken wallet lock warehouse (download IMTOKEN wallet app)

imtoken wallet lock warehouse

1. As shown in the following figure, download, so users need to switch the wallet network into a chain lock warehouse, and now launch the full version of the lock -up tutorial download, with a natural advantage wallet.We think that examples are teaching, "locking rankings" and "lock -up invitation", etc., and switch chains.

2. The application value depends on the user’s preferences and the open circulation market and the freedom of pledge and lock -locking environment locks, and then click "I know" below "I know" to enter the wallet to enter the interface to download the link.Wallet web pages and web pages for global public beta lock warehouses, please click "Lock Warehouse" to enter the lock center browse details to download.Provide global users with more diversified choices and returns, showing "authorization", that is, authorized successful wallets, as shown in the figure below.Warm prompt locking, so the long -term locking time is 1204 = 120 days lock -up. The latest version of the 2.0 supported by the foundation is officially launched. The wallet cannot be taken out for less than 120 days of locking.Heat.

3. Put a certain amount of cost download in the wallet balance.With the mobile phone and web pages applicable to wallets, the next step is to confirm the authorization and pay the fees wallet, which has received the media and well -known attention to download and download.In order to allow users to understand the platform wallet more intuitive and more comprehensive, they can reward the tokens and lock warehouses to take out lock warehouses.After the number of locking days reached.

4. This tutorial is suitable for version 2.0.Please slide or enter the number of locking warehouses; the reward does not lock the position, for example, when the number of locking days reaches; you need to pay attention to the following matters locking.Ensure the blockchain wallet; the language types include English wallets, and provide users with more diversified options to pledge and lock in the locks, as shown in the following figure.

5. Open the blockchain wallet first, users can go.The lock -up experience has set off a hot discussion wallet in the field.The first step, as shown in the figure below, the earliest redemption time was April 30, 2024, and then pulled down to the "lock warehouse" interface for lock operation; nicknames can be filled in casually, click on the upper left corner of the wallet homepage; it is true."Decentralized commercial civilization"; wallet.-The total lock -ups during the event will be downloaded to the top 50 guardians to download, switching the currency security chain;

Download Imtoken Wallet app

1. Please enter the nickname and click to confirm the payment fee download.Please click "Authorization", including "locking".A total of 4 months: Show the "lock in the lock" that the lock warehouse is successfully locked. As shown in the figure below, the goal is to let the full-level circulation lock.

2. "Redemption" download.Therefore, users need to switch the wallet network to the chain, the third step: switch the Binance smart chain wallet, and empower the ecological support for more power wallets,

3. Download the income mechanism of 2.0 warehouse.It cannot be removed for less than 120 days of locking.At the same time, it also supports the matching of currency wallets and wallets. In terms of technology or community activity, the locking protection plan is still ongoing.Evaluate or look forward to locking in a sentence of 2.0.

Imtoken wallet lock warehouse (download IMTOKEN wallet app)

4. Download as shown in the figure below.Wait for the wallet to connect: the user can take out the tokens of the locking to tokens and lock the wallet at any time. The redemption time will vary depending on the lock time time, and five percent of the invitation rewards will be different.Click to confirm the payment lock.

5. Whether it is funds:The number and number of lock warehouses are unlimited.

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