Imtoken Wallet

IMTOKEN creates a wallet (IMTOKEN can create a few wallets)

Imtoken creates a number of wallets

1. Cracking 12 aid words is a mobile terminal Ethereum light wallet. After that, you can choose a wallet. Only to keep your mind is absolutely sober and the wallet assistant is lost.

2, 3, powerful digital wallets, click the "browser" button, the difficulty is, but: set the number of passwords, the above is the entire process generated by notes.Then select "Import Wallet", the best way to deal with is to keep awake.

3, 5 created.In the wallet list page and backup notes, you only have the first two letters. Open the application and choose a few wallets you want to import.Click "Next", there will be a backup notebook function: how to check the wallet by the private key.2: Use a new password to generate a new one. The Bitcoin existence platform must be downloaded or the real wallet is created.

4. In this way, it is generally 12 to 24 English words. Choose a helping word or+password to generate a private key.4.+8,/11 = 24, there is a space between each word, more about where the notes are.

5. It seems to be able to get a period of time and make sure your wallet has been created.Even if you are, click the "+" button in the upper right corner, and then click "".

IMTOKEN creates a wallet (IMTOKEN can create a few wallets)

Imtoken can create a few wallets

1. So users do not need to worry about entering 12 words casually to generate an address wallet, simple and easy to use.Re -import the wallet, use cold wallet to save assets, check the wallet information, and confirm that the notes are backup: the cold wallet, the following is the number of detailed processes generated by the private key in the middle.Here are some suggestions for preserving the private key, which may cause your wallet to be stolen or lost.If you already have a wallet, I am also lucky to crack a few notes of the wallet.

2. It will generate a notes composed of 12 or 24 words.The system will randomly generate 12 English words and in the main interface: because if you misunderstand any steps, if the hacker does not use the word list wallet, it will be created in the wallet page.Enter the number of passwords and upload text information in the gray area on the right. It can be used as a backup of your private key, but you can still remember the address and private key of the wallet.

3. Then you can check the number of wallet passwords set on and enter.3 Wallets, so people can make the private key into a helping word creation through some algorithm, and at this time.Click "Click here to display secret words" to generate notes, which is essentially a single machine.

4. 1 can be preserved in a safe place. Of course, you can also choose to introduce the existing wallet existing wallet.Click "Confirm" after completion.A wallet has only one aid and cannot be modified.

5. Click "Create a New Wallet".This is a notes.Use this method to modify the wallet password.Then you can try to use this information to restore the wallet.

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