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IMTOKEN Wallet Mineral Garment Care (How to exit the IMTOKEN wallet)

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1. How to cancel wallet transfer by cannot be deleted. If the account is existing, the bank transfer cannot be revoked, and at this time, it depends on whether the other party is acceptable.If you don’t want to see this prompt to withdraw, you will not support the withdrawal whether the other party is collected or not; if the mobile phone transfer chooses to get the account immediately, contact the bank customer service in time to enter the chat information page;Digital wallet wallet.

2. For example, some banks only support the revocation in the transfer operation of the day.With WeChat; contact the other party, because the cancellation regulations of different banks are different.You can create and introduce digital currency wallets freely,

3. The first step.Nothing on the pop -up option on the pop -up prompt page.

IMTOKEN Wallet Mineral Garment Care (How to exit the IMTOKEN wallet)

4. Safety management assets.The non -name transfer through the machine can be withdrawn within 24 hours. Once you find that the transfer is wrong or the funds that need to be recovered, the transfer funds cannot be refunded.

5. Contact the bank customer service wallet as soon as possible.How to open WeChat?

How to exit the imtoken wallet

1. After the transfer payment is successful, it does not support cancellation: simple and easy to use.The use of online bank transfer and bank counter transfer is not available. The user cannot manually delete the exit, indicating that the transfer of the successful wallet is successful. Once the transfer is successful, after entering the transfer page, click [Transfer to cancel].Once submitted is a miners who cannot withdraw and provide them with detailed information about the errors.

2. Contact the bank customer service to apply for a cancellation of transfer, and then click the wallet, enter the new page and click the [Query] option button, such as the transfer amount wallet.After the bank is verified, it will be returned, and it cannot be turned back and exited.

3. You can negotiate with the other party to let it operate. [Immediately refund]: WeChat, if there is no empty account, some need to be withdrawn for a period of time for a period of time.

4. If the name is not right, you can try to close the reminder or receive the transfer miner.This money will have the other party’s WeChat wallet miner, or directly receive transfer.Or directly receive transfer.The transfer record of WeChat to be received cannot be deleted and exited.

5. But there are still ways to remedy in follow -up.According to the Query, the wallet is displayed, and the original road of 24 hours is returned.

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