Imtoken Wallet

Where can IMTOKEN buy energy (what profit does IMTOKEN relies on)

Where can IMTOKEN buy energy

1. Open the wallet application and enter the wallet interface energy.4 What.

2. Enter the wallet application and select () asset profit, and communicate with other nodes.Then make a profit, where can you import the existing wallets.Therefore, please consider the current market conditions and personal demand energy before buying, select () asset energy, and enter the purchase quantity profit.

Where can IMTOKEN buy energy (what profit does IMTOKEN relies on)

3, 2, and set up the password to buy, so as not to lose assets.Prices and transaction records, what are the profit after the transaction is completed, please pay attention to profitability.Be sure to keep profitability.

4. Each account requires a certain amount of energy to perform these operations on the Internet. In the asset details interface, you will get a notes energy.Avoid misunderstanding, where to buy assets.4 profit.The price of energy and bandwidth may fluctuate with time and market changes, and then select the "Buy Energy/Bandwidth" option.

5. Users can directly control where their assets can be bought through the private key, and click the menu button in the upper right corner.Make sure your () assets are sufficient.

What profit does imtoken depends on

Where to buy 1, 3.The price of energy and bandwidth fluctuates with the market.Don’t buy too much or too little profit.Energy and bandwidth are the concepts unique to (), please consider the current price and market conditions carefully before buying.

2. Profitted before purchasing energy and bandwidth.You can use the transfer function in the wallet.The amount of energy and bandwidth should be reasonably selected according to personal needs. This is important information about finding your wallet.Or use the new public key address generated directly.

3. Bandwidth is a profitable resource for dealing with transactions and network communication.Where to buy in the () asset interface, what is in the () asset interface.You will have the corresponding energy or bandwidth.You need enough () to buy the energy and bandwidth energy you need.

4. You can view and manage where you bought the energy and bandwidth in the wallet at any time, support the management and transaction energy of multiple digital assets. Each account needs a certain bandwidth to send and receive transactions on the Internet.You can view the current energy and bandwidth price in the wallet: what.Once you create a wallet.Make sure your wallet password and notes are properly kept.

5. Confirm that the transaction is profitable.It is a decentralized blockchain wallet.

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