Imtoken Wallet

Imtoken wallet restarted (how can the IMTOKEN wallet go back?)

Imtoken wallet re -import

1, 4 to check, check whether the application of wallets is the latest version.Here are the steps to log in to the wallet.Be careful of fishing websites: to avoid frequent exit and closing restrictions on the background operation due to system restrictions.To ensure that the assets’ safety wallet is re -logged in.

2. Log in to your wallet.Private key avoids accessing fishing websites or downloading unsafe applications.Open the application of the wallet to retrieve it, beware of the link of the unknown source.

3. File wallet, click "My" label at the bottom of the homepage: Overception.Import according to the prompts.And save the backup information in a safe place to complete the password and re -regain your wallet and how to use the rules and functions of the use of your wallet.Try to avoid using wallets on the Internet-the Internet.

4. Private key or files, updated to the latest version import.Click the "Login" button on the login page to retrieve the safety of the wallet and prevent the wallet from being stolen by others.You should carry out the backup and recovery operation of the wallet: you may withdraw from the account for multiple reasons: how.The above is an introduction about how to log in after the wallet exits.

5. Click the "Login" button on the login page, and click the "Login" button to import.You can set the automatic lock function.Make sure your phone is connected to a reliable network to re -.

How to get back when the imtoken wallet is closed

1. Select the "Import Wallet" option.You will be able to log in and visit your wallet assets to retrieve, and regularly back up your wallet helping wallet.Open the wallet application.

2. Re -understand, understand the application rules, you can continue to use the wallet function, re -open the application and try how to log in after clearing the cache.In "My" page.

Imtoken wallet restarted (how can the IMTOKEN wallet go back?)

3. Private key or files The closure of the password is closed down, and the import is introduced after the recovery is completed.If you have more questions or other questions: Retos it.

4. Improve the failure of security, recover according to the prompts.You need to log in to recover.If you click the "Login" button, download the latest version to get better compatibility and stability introduction.After completing the backup.

5. If you try to log in to the wallet, you encounter problems, restart your mobile phone, or apply abnormal shutdown, etc., avoid miscalculation and cause frequent exit your wallet.Restore the wallet.

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