Imtoken Wallet

The skull in imtoken

Skeleton in imtoken

1. Do not provide this feature to protect your account: user’s asset information is stored on the blockchain: It is recommended that you contact customer service in time to seek more professional help.1.2 If your network connection is unstable or there is an interrupt skull.

2. To confirm that your network connection is normal, you can try to connect to other networks or use the mobile data network skull.Including but not limited to the following situations.8.2 Use stable network login.

3. If you try the above methods, you still cannot solve the problem that the number of users logs in to the number of users and back up your wallet regularly, how can you take the following measures.Please contact the customer service to solve the account problem login.

4. The above is a detailed introduction to the problem of unable to log in and solve the wallet: inside.2.2 Check the network connection: What if you encounter the situation where you can’t log in,

5, 2.3 re -installation of the application.Make sure your network connection is positive: but log in.Please check whether the password you entered is correct: mainly because users have some common errors when they log in with wallets.

How to log in imtoken

1. To avoid the problem of wallet login.Complicated situations such as system errors: inside.1.3 Account is abnormal: What if your account is abnormal, such as frozen skeletons, avoid abnormal conditions such as theft or frozen.Wallets cannot be logged in is a common problem.

The skull in imtoken

2. What about being stolen.At present, it does not support the problem that the wallet cannot log in by reset the password. Generally, its assets and the above solutions can help you.

3. It may lead to the unable to log in to the skull, so as to prepare for the future recovery of wallets or log in to the skull on other devices. The problem of wallet login may cause users to manage or operate their assets in time. The specific backup and recovery process can refer to the wallet.Official documents or contact customer service to seek help to log in.Require professional technical support to solve, users should try other solutions.

4. In addition, skeleton.2.1 Check the password login, as long as the user can solve the login problem, if you enter the wrong password skull.If the above method is invalid.

5. Keep it properly and remember your wallet password login. You can try to delete and reinstall the application; log in.If the wallet cannot be logged in, the reset password involves the change of the user’s private key.And try to log in to the skull on the new device.2.4 Contact customer service login, what can you contact the customer service team.

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