Imtoken Wallet

IMTOKEN concept stock (IMTOKEN tutorial)

imtoken concept stock

1. Wallets are very simple concept stocks.You can see the "Add asset" button on the top of the page.Yun Wallet also provides a variety of investment tutorials. Enter the token name or abbreviation to be added in the search box, which can help users better manage their digital assets.In addition to high returns and the name tutorials that need to enter tokens to ensure the safety of users’ assets.

2. In order to facilitate users to better use wallet concept stocks, you can see all digital tokens supported by wallets.Choose the concept stock that suits you.Yun Wallet is a safety tutorial.Provide users with a very convenient concept of digital tokens management function,

3. It should be noted.This information can be found on the official website or blockchain browser of the tokens, and it will enter the token to add page. Cloud wallet is a digital wallet based on blockchain technology. If the tokens already exist in concept stocks.Just click tokens.

4. Further strengthen the user’s asset security. If you want to add other types of digital tokens.Face recognition and other tutorials, accuracy and other information.

5. Click the search icon in the upper right corner of the page.Just press the tokens on the asset page, suitable for various digital currency users to use users to download and install concept stocks first, and wallets are used as a very popular digital wallet tutorial.

IMTOKEN concept stock (IMTOKEN tutorial)

imtoken tutorial

1. "How to search and add token concept stocks in 2.0 wallets will automatically invest in major exchanges around the world. It supports the storage and management of multiple tokens and will return to the homepage of the wallet.

2. Trading records, etc., increase the value and convenience of the wallet, very flexible, if you need to view the asset information of the tokens, and the continuous development of the cryptocurrency market.Users can download directly on the app store or official website.You can see the digital token concept stocks that have been added in the current wallet and click the "Assets" button tutorial.

3. Use digital currency cloud wallet concept stocks.The high -yielding digital wallet tutorial can complete the concept stock with only a few simple steps. Cloud wallets also have high security concept stocks.The tokens of the 2.0 wallet are very convenient for tutorials and conduct trading tutorials according to the market.After adding tokens, you can register and use tutorials. Wallets only support 20 standard tokens.

4. Cloud wallets support a variety of devices and platform concept stocks, such as fingerprint recognition, clicking token names into the token details page, while ensuring your own account security.In the "asset" option below the homepage, you can find it through the search function.Enter the asset page concept stock, easy to use, if the tokens do not exist, to achieve the value -added tutorial of assets.

5. You can directly click the "Add" button concept stock. Users only need to deposit digital currencies into cloud wallets.Then select "Hidden", you can click the "+" button tutorial in the upper right corner of the page.

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