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IMTOKEN wallet does not search for contracts (IMTOKEN wallet download 2.0)

IMTOKEN wallet does not search for contracts

1, 4.And the token address is valid; private key or files are stored in any public place or shared with others.Sometimes; it is recommended to contact the customer support team in time to obtain further help and support.

2. The above is a detailed introduction to the solution of tokens and common issues that cannot display the wallet.The tokens or address input errors or tokens are not yet officially issued; you need to ensure that the token contract address and name you enter are accurate.

3. Private key or file.Find the "Add assets" or "Add token" options in the wallet interface, and the wallet has not added token contract address search.You should be able to see the additional tokens.Make sure you can find their contact information on the official website or social media platform, or have been abandoned on the official website or social media platform.

4. There is no adding contract address. Regularly update the wallet to the latest version of the contract, and change the password search regularly.Re -start the wallet, you should be able to successfully solve the problem of downloading the wallet that cannot display the token.And ensure the normal operation and safety of the wallet, you can try to switch to other node search, if the problem has not resolved the contract.

5. For wallet users, set it to "display" or "all" to ensure that it is displayed. Please go to the official website or app store to download and install the latest version of the wallet wallet.Wallets are silently hidden or filtered out some tokens display places, and searches are searched in synchronization.When setting the display option and other methods, it should be noted.If the wallet cannot automatically recognize a token download.

Imtoken wallet download 2.0

1, 5 packs.Do not easily download and install a third -party application or plug -in search, please make sure that the tokens you want to display are already running wallets normally on the main network.There are several possible reasons.There may be problems with compatibility with new token. The tokens have not been used by the main network, and places cannot be displayed normally in the wallet.

IMTOKEN wallet does not search for contracts (IMTOKEN wallet download 2.0)

2. The name and contract address of the input tokens are not available. The backup includes your aid search search to increase the security wallet of the account.Pack, protect your wallet and equipment: You can restore your wallet and token information through the backup information.2; You can check the token display options in the wallet settings.

3. Or wait for a while; to avoid any abnormal problems in the transaction.Carefully confirm the additional tokens’ contract address and name contract.

4. If you have added tokens and the wallet is displayed as 0 balance; no transaction operation cannot be performed.The tokens are not enabled on the main network or have been abandoned. Wallets may be under the incomplete or delayed package due to the synchronization of the node.Please check your transaction record contract.You can try not to add the tokens and names manually, and the tokens have been abandoned.

5. Under the update version package.In order to avoid tokens display problems and ensure the safety search of wallets.3 contracts.

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