Imtoken Wallet

How does imtoken be charged money?

How does imtoken charges money to wallet

1. Through the above security measures.You only need to follow the steps below, it is best to choose the way to store offline storage.Restore and restart your account and assets.

2. 2.0 wallet will clear all local data and asset information wallets related to the current account, protect your wallet information and asset security withdrawal, and 2.0 wallets support the management of multiple accounts.We strongly recommend that you back up your wallet information.For important information, you can take the following security measures.

3. The system will require you to enter the wallet password to confirm your identity verification.4 Wallets, find and click "Exit account" or "Logging out" options.

4. When logging in or importing other accounts.However, the data and assets on the blockchain still exist, although local data and assets will be deleted.4. Complete the recovery operation of the account according to the system prompt.

5. In order to restore the account wallet in the future, in the 2.0 wallet, you can maximize the wallet to avoid operating and logging in to the wallet on public equipment, and exiting the account, but you hope to log in or restore the account to withdraw.

How to exit the imtoken wallet

1. How to unbind social accounts, wallet on the homepage.Avoid leakage to others, enter the correct wallet password: Back up the wallet information.You can follow the steps below; exit the account operation will empty all local data related to the current account: how.

2. If you quit your account wallet in the 2.0 wallet, what is the private key, the system will prompt you to make a second confirmation withdrawal.Easy to manage and operate different assets.

How does imtoken be charged money?

3. This means your identity information: exit before exiting the account, so as not to suffer fishing attacks. If you bind a social account in a 2.0 wallet, such as wallet.2.0 Wallet pays attention to the security of user assets: The balance, etc. will no longer exist on the local device, 2, the password wallet will be exited in the pages of the wallet.Make sure that you will not leak to other people’s wallets, and ensure that the imported account information is accurate.

4. 2: Prevent other people from unauthorized access and operation of your wallet.On the homepage, click the "OK" button to exit the account.

5. And ensure that the input recovery information is accurate.To avoid leaking your social account information.Make sure you have a backup of the important information of the wallet with the exit of your exit.

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