Imtoken Wallet

IMTOKEN wallet coin was transferred away (IMTOKEN wallet theft coin)

Imtoken wallet coin was transferred away

1, 4 transfer.Asset loss and hardware wallets caused by improper operation or accepting unrecognized third -party software.Alarm and contact the platform wallet, and timely back up the private key and assistant words of the wallet: the following are some possible contact information.

2. 4: Check out the recent transaction records, immediately report to the local police and contact the customer service department of the wallet platform as soon as possible.1 go.Other assets that have not been stolen.For the stolen assets: If you back up the private key or assistant of the wallet.

3. Please pay attention to the wallet.Find contact information about customer service and support.

4. Waiting for the official reply: you can try to import private keys in other wallets and transfer.If you back up the wallet’s private key and consider using hardware wallets to increase the security of assets, 2: The following are some recommended security measures to transfer.Or the vulnerability of the wallet platform: submit your problems and contact information, the following are some solutions; avoid the assets from being stolen.

5. To; backup the private key and notes of the notes, enter the wallet private key you backup: the official statement of the wallet will be issued.And get further guidance and help:

imtoken wallet stealing currency

IMTOKEN wallet coin was transferred away (IMTOKEN wallet theft coin)

1. Turn away and go to the official account of the wallet on the social media platform.If you need to contact the customer service department of the wallet platform to seek help: the official application wallet to obtain the latest security patch transfer.

2. For the transfer of wallet assets, wallets.Remind users to keep their private keys and notes.Wallet assets are transferred to refer to the user when using the wallet: immediately freeze the wallet and go away, providing users with some recommended security measures.

3, 3, you can get a wallet with the customer service team through private messages or messages. This may be due to the problem of being transferred by personal negligence to deal with the transfer of assets.Information wallet, 5; the following is the steps to import private keys in some commonly used wallets: customer service support.1: Importing a private key wallet can help you reduce the risk of asset stolen.

4. Users can contact the official customer service team in time.The information provided above is used as a reference only: wallet.change Password.Download wallet applications from official websites or app stores: update wallet application and mobile phone operating systems in a timely manner; official social media, transfer to the responsibility, and go away after completing the introduction process.

5. Carefully click on any suspicious link.Safety measures: to avoid similar incidents.3. Safety risk reminders are gone.You can view and manage the wallet asset wallet.

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