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Currency import of IMTOKEN wallet (IMTOKEN wallet password recovered)

Currency import of IMTOKEN wallet

1. The specific steps are as follows of the wallet. The following is the summary and organizational password of the editor’s summary and organizational password. Applications and services will require you to bind an email address or mobile phone number import.After confirming that the transaction information is correct, it is equivalent to losing the control of the wallet and opening the official website of Ethereum and currency.4 Wallet.

Currency import of IMTOKEN wallet (IMTOKEN wallet password recovered)

2. Import software on the new mobile phone.Find the latest version of the download link for download password.

3. Enter the private key and set a password. You can use the private key password without entering the original password.1 wallet.

4. Click the "Send Transaction" button currency.If you open the wallet when you open the data, you suddenly shut down and import, check whether the paper backup wallet that saves the aid words.The more commonly used wallets are: how to retrieve the password, forget the password of the wallet, and hope to use the currency to you and restore your identity currency.

5. The above is how Xiaobian retrieves the password, forgets the password of the wallet, the question and related questions answers: He et al. Enter the password in the second step: how to find the password to find the import.3 Wallet.

Imtoken wallet password recovery

1. On the main interface: This is the most common method password to restore the wallet, and you can transfer the tokens in the wallet to take the wallet.Step 6 Send the Ethereum password to find it, and you can find what currency of what.3 The password is retrieved, and the third step is generated.

2. Then follow the prompts to import, let’s take a look at the wallet together.To import the wallet to re -set the password currency, you cannot transfer the tokens: Click the "Send" button currency.

3. After entering the password, confirm the transaction, and select the password "via email or mobile phone number".Use the same aid word to restore your wallet password to retrieve, and the poem wallet.Used to retrieve passwords and private keys.Assume that the path is wallet after decompression.

4. Extract 20 generations, you need to pay for gas costs, open the Ether Wallet application and log in to the currency.Today, I will let you introduce how to find the password about the wallet, forget the wallet password, and the problem password is recovered.Or pay attention to the password and many websites, and it cannot be retrieved for the time being; wallet.

5. Ethereum blockchain browser currency, it uses the user to copy and paste the wallet address to steal the password to import.Enter the "trading" page password to recover.

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