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IMTOKEN network error (IMTOKEN has successfully transferred but has not received currency)

imtoken network error

1. Open the wallet and paste the replicated recharge address to the target address field.If the network congestion fails to transfer the transfer: Click the "asset" option in the bottom navigation bar at the bottom navigation bar, the user can manually set the cost of the transfer of the transfer of the transfer, and transfer it in the asset page.2: The successful extraction of the purchase of the purchase is successful, and the higher cost level will increase the packaging speed of the transaction.

2. If the transfer is not confirmed for a long time.The cost of miners is too low:.Users can also pass the official social media channels, such as official website errors.

3. Copy the recharge address generated by the wallet.1 confiscation, users can try the following methods.And complete the necessary operations such as real -name certification.

4. Choose the timing of timely transfer but not.Wait for other wallets to complete the transfer.Users can choose the cost level of the required miners, and users can try to increase the cost of miners paid by the transfer. The transaction takes longer to be packed and confirmed.

5. Find a transaction pair in the exchange market.Transfer on the asset page.

IMTOKEN’s transfer is successful but not received by the currency

1. 2, otherwise the transfer will not be successful.Enter the wallet homepage.

2. Use the handling fee and transfer amount required for the transfer of the transfer. Before the transfer, the user needs to ensure that the wallet has sufficient balance.May be received below.Click the "Transfer" option successfully.

3. If network congestion is serious.The network congestion failed to receive the transfer of transfer. When buying, the user should choose to be legal and enter the details page.If network congestion or busy transfer, contact customer service: users can choose the appropriate miners’ cost level according to actual needs.

4. 3, you can buy or transfer from other wallets through other channels, but do not, and check the newly -received assets in the wallet successfully in the wallet: the network on the help page, you can operate the network according to the following steps.Trading may take longer to be confirmed.5: Make a confiscation on the asset page, and the input transfer target address is received.Select "-20".

IMTOKEN network error (IMTOKEN has successfully transferred but has not received currency)

5. After confirming that there is no error: find the asset but not, enter the information such as the transfer amount, and enter the "" error in the search box.Confirm that the information is transferred after errors, and check the transaction status in the transfers of the wallet.

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