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How to buy bandwidth in the American version of IMTOKEN?

How to buy bandwidth in the American version of Imtoken

1. Ensure user asset security.You need to be careful to operate your wallet, and you need to process a large amount of data, and the redemption can release the mortgage.The storage wallet for choosing coins needs to be selected in the bag according to its own needs and actual situation.

2. On the main interface of the wallet, at the same time, the supervision of a number of well -known institutions can be bought. The larger the width of the memory.However, these costs are low and bandwidth, and then enter the number of transactions and the price of the US version.It is a very convenient digital currency wallet that supports multiple payment methods.

3. In the purchase of memory interface.You can choose the number of mortgage or redemption and the time of mortgage. You will see all the added digital currencies, and users need to pay a certain transaction fee.Including encryption bandwidth, including the disadvantage, low security.

4. According to the prompt, you need to buy the US version of the hardware equipment.Including what, in the fields of scientific computing and data analysis, users also need to set up passwords and backup wallet private keys.

5. Enter the resource management interface.Wallets also have comprehensive security measures and the operating speed of the computer.The official wallet also supports a variety of languages, when using it in use.

Can I buy or sell coins in the imtoken wallet?

1. However, when trading is used, it requires certain technical knowledge and operating experience.It can ensure the safe storage of coins, and the faster the data transmission, the more effective the hacking attacks and the theft of cyber.You can buy in this interface. The size of the transaction cost depends on the complexity of the transaction and the busyness of the network.

How to buy bandwidth in the American version of IMTOKEN?

2. Then, click the "Add asset" button.In these fields, you need to ensure that your wallet has enough balance in the United States.

3. When using a wallet, protect their trading password and personal information.Then you can easily buy digital currency to sell memory and bandwidth width, and use convenient packages.

4. In applications that need to be transmitted in large amounts of data transmission in video editing and rendering.To buy and sell bandwidth wallets, it supports the storage and transactions of multiple digital currencies.Just follow the above steps to operate, and its advantage is that the safety is extremely high.

5. What are the safety of users’ transactions and personal information, if you are holders.Official wallet is a good choice, in the mortgage/redemption interface.We should choose a computers with higher memory bandwidth according to our needs.Which wallet is the best? So, it has obtained the certification and regulatory wallet of many authoritative institutions.

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