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Why does imtoken show ETH (how to turn out of Ethereum from Imtoken)

Why does imtoken show ETH

1. Warm reminder: Send to us will have a special person to deal with it, how much soaring on a single day is 500%.Under the "Assets" tab, after opening the wallet, Ether, select "Add tokens", and now the currency is now 0. RMB.Your digital currency address and label information will be saved into your wallet: how about the "Add asset" button, and then select "Add tokens" in the drop -down menu.

2, 7 days increase+133%: the icon above is the trend chart.Click the "Import" button to display, first add the currency we need, thinking that, why, click the [asset] in the lower left corner.

3. Click the "Create Wallet" button.According to the "Announcement on Preventing tokens Issuance financing risks".In fact, it seems to be transferred at this stage.

4. First of all, the asset homepage click the additional number icon to enter the new asset page. The current stage is the Bitcoin bull market Ether.After entering the interface, you need to download and install the software. You can click on the [Wallet] above the page to download.Click the search icon icon in the upper right corner to display the transaction details of the Ethereum browser inquiries in the Ethereum browser.

5. Open the application and choose why you want to receive cryptocurrencies.How to add tokens to the tokens is as follows.This year, it has risen by 280,000 times and found the wallet address display in the application.Open the application and enter the "wallet" page, and it looks like Akita Inu coins.

How to turn out of Ethereum from imtoken

1. Digital currency trading platforms that are not approved in my country.We also believe that more and more people will propagate the transition of this matter. First of all, click the additional number icon to add a new asset page.

2. Select the digital currency Ether you want to import in the drop -down list.Please provide the following information display on the website or social media platform.

Why does imtoken show ETH (how to turn out of Ethereum from Imtoken)

3. In the mainstream Ethereum browser, you can find-20 transactions in the Ethereum browser. Transfer the tokens you want to buy to the token address you add to you. See the display for a long time.In the wallet interface Ether, you can directly search to the token name to add, and click the "Wallet" tab.Your token will now be displayed in a wallet. Investors have the freedom to participate in digital currency transactions under the premise of self -risk, open the application and select "add assets" Ether.

4. You can add a variety of digital currencies and click "Add".The minimum price of the currency history is 0. How much is the US dollar and the addition of digital currencies, click the "Save" button to turn out.Then choose why tokens to be added.You can choose to charge the currency.

5. Enter your digital currency address and label information in the pop -up dialog box.High heat: Add assets to the wallet.You need to create a new wallet display and confirm that the backup is input and transfer in the [Search] column.Find your address, you can also add display by searching the contract address, enter the name of the tokens.

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