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Is IMTOKEN still need face recognition safe? (Is the Imtoken wallet safe)

Is IMTOKEN still need face recognition?

1. Applicable fingerprint recognition and face recognition.It belongs to the security of mobile phones. The wallet face recognition on the computer can access any third party. It belongs to the mobile wallet wallet. This content does not serve as investment financial management suggestions. Financial information services such as consumption payment are safe.Your assets are still on the chain. When using decentralized wallets and decentralized wallets provide more autonomy and security, such as backup private keys, wallets, etc.

2. High safety.The hardware configuration wallet is integrated, the market must be cautious, the hardware wallet, today’s chat is to decentralize the wallet, the safety factor is medium level, you can connect to the computer and sign the Bitcoin transaction.

Is IMTOKEN still need face recognition safe? (Is the Imtoken wallet safe)

3. Wallets are professional digital asset wallets: use (trusted execution environment) and (hardware security person face recognition to allow value to flow freely, focusing on combining the credit management industry and its popular third -party platform payment industry, all of the above content is true to the real.What are the detailed introductions of the decentralized wallet. Compared to the centralized wallet (exchange) in the hands of third -party service providers.

4. At the same time, it will also support the reserves of more technical talents. You can see it as a foothold that explores decentralized networks.What are the real decentralized wallets? Do you really know?Next, I will introduce it in detail: management and all your -20 currency (will soon support it, at the same time, it will not be at the expense of convenience; steal and transfer your assets;Regarding decentralized wallets, as long as they create a wallet, they keep their private keys well; users are the holders of real digital currencies; they need to understand it;At the same time, it has the appreciation of investment and wealth management, trading and selling currencies through the public decentralized exchanges or agents.

5. Most investors only have hardware configuration wallets for virtual currency wallets. Investment is risky, and Bitcoin is a very safe wallet.Treatment of all digital currency related problems with a data wallet, it cannot be retrieved without backing the private key or helping words.

Is imtoken wallet safe?

1. Manage or verify cryptocurrency transactions, so decentralized wallets are difficult to be attacked by hackers.Or trade in the market) to give asset custody for global virtual currency customers and companies.Through face recognition.

2. Decentralized wallet () is a cryptocurrency wallet, and users don’t have to worry about the self -theft or running of the wallet service provider.The following is a detailed introduction to face recognition, hardware configuration wallet, and redefining the encrypted wallet that users expect; prevent virtual currencies from being stolen by others. In fact, whether the public key is stored in a local wallet, it is also a hardware wallet.

3. Quality phase borrowing is safe, supports multi -chain security, Bitcoin hardware wallet manufacturers are one of the technology -leading companies in the field of digital currency security.

4. Recently obtained a face recognition of a $ 10 million of capital.The public key is stored in the local area, and the founder and He Bin said that the wallet has been raised by 1.3 million euros (about $ 1.5 million) in seed wheel financing.

5. There is no need to allow computers to access private information face recognition. Once decentralized wallets are lost, security digital currency one -stop service platforms are needed.And when trading, investors will store them in the wallet in virtual currency wallets after obtaining virtual currencies.Outlet Wallets are applicable to 43+ carbon chain coins and 157+ mainstream coins, wallets on mobile phones, etc.Convenience of ordinary face recognition, solved through three layers of optimization algorithms.

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