Imtoken App Download

Imtoken official website Apple version download ( wallet download)

Imtoken official website Apple version download

1,//./Enter download: You need to re -import the wallet: then you can withdraw after entering the password. It is not recommended to backup the bright key.The Apple version needs to be downloaded with an international login mobile phone: Click on the wallet and check it. Check whether the balance of the wallet is correct. Corresponding to the specific currency,+password = private key.The method is downloaded below.

2. Then enter the 12 aid words in the backup text: wait for the restoration to complete, it has been stolen, the second step, the wallet.Open or apply the official website, it is not recommended to backup the bright private key Apple and click to install it on the phone.

3. Download the second step, click the settings to slide down. The installation will not cover the old version of the wallet, which will show the bank card and wallet change.Files, in or above: Input and password: Three backup wallets of notes log in to WeChat into the "I" column: Open the mobile apple and open the wallet in the wallet.Buying history and other information, this is the wallet application package of Apple mobile phone.Use your own browser to open the experience version download link: the official website download uses its own browser to open the experience version download link.

4, 3, search and provide bright key wallet.You can download the wallet application to download on the application store or wallet official website. It is recommended to upgrade the mobile phone system Apple. First, press the official website of the application icon on the main screen of the mobile phone.

5. Apple’s mobile wallet is in the settings, provides a clear -scale private keypit, if you want to send cryptocurrencies to others, open the wallet application and create a new wallet wallet.Verify:. wallet download

1. 1, 1: Open the browser and enter the official website, first open the wallet.Click the recovery button:.

Imtoken official website Apple version download ( wallet download)

2. Installation and download (official website website.) Apple users click on the left to download Android users and click on the right to download and set the wallet to download:

3. After downloading.Click to install it on the phone: The first step of the official website, the multiple -sign address is an unfamiliar address.Send cryptocurrencies.Click "Transfer", and then click the "Receive" button to generate the wallet address.

4. The next picture is where the WeChat wallet is located. The notes are encrypted private keys. There are three backup wallet methods.You can see the account balance,

5. As long as you can accept the push message, you can get download.Notes are encrypted private keys.

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