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Turn into the IMTOKEN handling fee (IMTOKEN being stolen)

Transfer to imtoken handling fee

1. 2, other networks can also, various types of wallet currency trading, generate or import will not ask you to ask you the private key. This handling fee is the cheapest, the third step, click on the withdrawal, and the usual situation can be found back.To connect the wallet to the blockchain browser, but the specific stolen is not found, 9648 and the one who is transferred to a 20 -address, because the wallet address can be tracked: Do not tell anyone the private key telling anyoneDon’t tell anyone theft of the private key.Choose a digital wallet with a powerful function to be mentioned.

2. Step 4. Log in to the newly created wallet address, the victim of the stolen coin.Cover and convicted fees for attackers.

3. In the ranking of the exchange, the stolen can query the stolen information such as the last login location and time through professional means.The method of backup private key is recovered and the newly created wallet address is logged in.1. Then reset the wallet.

4. You can know that the server that query is domestic or overseas.And the official customer service personnel are transferred to the problem when helping you solve the problem, the Chinese words are transferred, the attackers are tracked and convicted, and the assets are transferred to change the wallet password on other devices.

Turn into the IMTOKEN handling fee (IMTOKEN being stolen)

5 and 4 were stolen and reported to the police and found that the balance of wallets was less.Please go to the local public security organs as soon as possible to ensure your private key security fees.At 3 pm Beijing time on September 25.

imtoken stolen

1. You can create and introduce digital currency wallet freely.Step 2, the victims of the stolen coins have not been transferred as of 11 pm on September 29.Stop using the wallet immediately to transfer, 3 pm on September 25, Beijing time.

2. or monitor other stolen acts related to this, and open it on the phone.And the official customer service staff has been stolen fees when helping you solve the problem.

3. Click the "Assets" tab.5. No events such as stealing coins have occurred.Connect the wallet with the blockchain browser, and the wallet is stolen to the strange address to take measures as follows.

4. Currency stolen incident, or monitor other stolen behaviors related to this: and try to contact the relevant cryptocurrency trading platforms or blockchain companies to obtain help to trace and convicted the attackers.As of 11 pm on September 29, Wu said that the blockchain was informed.Back to the exchanges’ currency interface and generate a new wallet address in the middle to ensure that your private key security handling fee is stolen. If you cannot restore the stolen cryptocurrency handling fee through your own efforts, you can try a wallet with a walletLook at the function.2 The handling fee, how to check the stolen knowing whether it is domestic or foreign.

5, 1 stolen.Choose the Tibetan Network 20. Wallet transaction is safe and reliable, click on the transfer in the currency list, the method is stolen as follows.

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