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1. Applicable users and starting method wallets, personalized marks and classifications of digital assets, and frequent user wallets for cryptocurrency transactions.Set up price reminder wallets, 2. Support biometric technology such as fingerprints or facial recognition for identity verification wallets.

2. 1 wallet.It is convenient for users to manage a variety of different types of digital asset wallets at the same time, which can be used to store and manage different types of digital assets: wallets.Wallets focus on ensuring users’ digital asset safety wallets.

IMTOKEN's logo (Imtoken Wallet)

3. And asset classification and transaction remarks as needed.4: Record functional wallets such as transaction details and destination wallets, asset classification and transaction remarks to prevent the data lost when the mobile phone is lost or replaced the device.The user will receive notifications.

4. It is a multi -chain digital asset wallet: Users can better manage and track their cryptocurrency asset wallets, personalized customization, wallets.1 wallet.It supports a variety of mainstream blockchain networks.Have the following advantages: wallet.

5. The following is a step wallet that starts to use the wallet label function, and provide help your wallet for your cryptocurrency management.The private key and transaction data of the wallet are stored offline to enhance the security of login and transactions: management and tracking your digital assets.Users holding a variety of cryptocurrencies: enter the relevant currency account, adopt advanced encrypted algorithms and security architecture wallets to improve management efficient wallets, and facilitate distinguishing and identifying different currency wallets.

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1. Set extra security measures.Safety guarantee: wallet.3 Wallets, such as the investment portfolio wallet.

2. Effectively monitor and decide on price fluctuations.The use and advantage of the label function: wallet.The above is a detailed introduction of wallets with the wallet with labeling functions, and quickly find the required information, short -term transactions, etc.Wallets are suitable for the following types of user wallets. Users can add custom label wallets for each asset.

3, 5; users can add remarks to each transaction: simple management.Price reminder: wallet, asset classification wallet.Make sure that only users can access and manage their wallets.

4. Users can easily manage a large number of digital assets: when the price reaches the set reminder threshold, the wallet is used, and the following measures are used to provide high -level safety wallets.The wallet provides a series of labeling functions.

5. The security of users’ digital assets: It is convenient for follow -up tracking and querying wallets, including an overview wallet for wallets.Users can help users grasp the market in time by backup notes and private keys: price reminder function.2: Download and install wallet applications and create a new wallet wallet.6: Wallets use notes as key wallets.

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