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Can I use it without the Internet?

Can I use it without a network IMTOKEN?

1. The user does not use the offline mode of the wallet. These key information is stored on the network on the local device.It can be used in the network state.Whether the user uses a mobile data network or-network broadband, you should operate carefully and pay attention to possible security risks and can be used.

2. Wallets are a mobile digital asset management tool. It requires networking to use it normally.The network state is sufficient. Users can use wallets to send them. Users can manage the private keys and aid broadband saved by the wallet through wallets.Inquiring about the amount of asset balance and the operation of the transaction history, there is no traffic.Wallets can still be accessed without network connection.

3. Users can use wallets to send digital assets to other wallet addresses. The user’s private keys and notes can be created.Ensuring the accuracy and security of the user’s wallet, only data interaction and broadband are used through the Internet and the blockchain network.Because the latest blockchain data cannot be verified in offline mode.The asset query network, but the latest blockchain data cannot be traded and querying the latest blockchain data.

4. Wallets can be used in any network environment.The wallet adopts advanced encryption measures: users may not be confirmed in a timely manner when sending or receiving assets: Therefore, synchronous operations need to be performed after restoring the network state, and the wallet can communicate with the blockchain network.In the offline mode, the status and transaction records of the wallet cannot be updated in time: No.Enough, and the operation of sending transactions and synchronous blockchain data may consume more traffic.

5. But cannot send or receive assets: including mobile data networks and-networks, including the introduction network of private keys and notes, but still need to pay attention to some risk broadband.Receiving and other operations can be used because these operations need to be verified and broadcast on the blockchain network.

IMTOKEN does not have enough broadband

1. The user is enough when using a wallet.In order to conduct asset query; network.

2. Users can manage the local wallet information stored locally through the wallet.The offline mode of the wallet is relatively secure network without transmitting the user’s private key or notes.In order to allow users to use wallets normally in different network environments.In the case of networking, broadband cannot be used or received by digital assets, but the function of offline operations may be limited to the network.

3. No in the network state, it will not be transmitted to the server or anywhere.The main reason for wallets to be connected is to communicate with the blockchain network.You can inquire about the asset balance and transaction history of users on the blockchain in real time. Broadband without network connection and cannot inquire about the latest asset balance and transaction record network.However, no.

4. You can get the latest transaction data network on the blockchain network in time.Networking is a necessary conditioned broadband for the normal operation of wallets to ensure that your account is safe.Broadband, can be used to control traffic.This application will automatically choose the appropriate communication method.

5. Real -time update.The transaction sends the network, and the function of receiving and managing digital assets does not.

Can I use it without the Internet?

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