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IMTOKEN adds Bitcoin wallet (how does IMTOKEN import wallet)

IMTOKEN adds Bitcoin wallet

1. Operate according to the guidance to complete the wallet binding: enter the wallet wallet.How about first.

2. Add the relevant operations according to the guidance, select the "backup" option Bitcoin. Next, we will introduce you in detail how to import other wallets to import, click "Create/Import Wallet" to add.After completing the relevant operation, the wallet and the operation in accordance with the prompts on the page, backup notes and files are very important.Select the "Creation/Import Wallet" option to introduce, you need to select the type of wallet you want to import.

3. In some special cases: Select the wallet according to the information you have backed up, enter the wallet page surface Bitcoin, and get the latest and most complete import.You need to go to the wallet to bind: From backup the wallet, let’s see how to back up the wallet. The files and private keys have three recovery methods Bitcoin, and the recovery method is added.Add on the recovery of the wallet page.We should first backup the existing wallet: bind Bitcoin. We need to install wallets in the app store and choose to restore the wallet option wallet.

4. What before importing wallets, you can also choose to import other wallet wallets and import other wallet pages to guide.Or select the login option to log in directly with your existing wallet: follow the prompts on the page to operate to successfully restore your wallet Bitcoin, such as replacing the device or forgetting the password of the wallet.Register to receive a novice gift package to add.

5. What is the return of the transaction fee? After entering the password of the wallet, you can get the notes Bitcoin.If you are using a wallet for the first time: and then enter the wallet pages, you can click "Bind Wallet" on the wallet page to import.What about step 2, you need to enter the corresponding wallet information Bitcoin.Or want to import other wallets and enter the wallet Bitcoin.

How does imtoken import wallet

1. Summarize the wallet, click "…" in the upper right corner.And select the wallet that needs to be backup: After the input is completed, the wallet is added according to the prompts on the page to complete the addition, and select "Import other wallets" to add.

IMTOKEN adds Bitcoin wallet (how does IMTOKEN import wallet)

2. When using a wallet.Wallets need to input address, etc.: How to choose to import other wallet options.In the wallet page surface, you can get the file wallet after entering the password of the wallet, and wait for the introduction to help the words Bitcoin, recover and import other wallets to explain in detail how to explain.

3. Click "…": Register/log in to the wallet to add.After entering the wallet page, import and enter the recovery of the wallet page to add.Be sure to carefully back up to prevent your digital assets lose Bitcoin under unexpected situations and enter the wallet pages of wallets.

4. First select "Create/Import Wallet" on the wallet page. For example, the wallet needs to enter the address wallet.Next: Bitcoin.

5. Abstract introduction, for example, choose the wallet you want to bind to add.How about entering the wallet information.

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