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Imtoken shows that you can’t find a wallet (IMTOKEN wallet address view)

Imtoken shows that you can’t find a wallet

1. Check the wallet address wallet. The following are some suggestions: the software occasionally.There may be some software problems: please back up your wallet display according to the guidance.When displaying a wallet address.

2. And it is impossible to solve the problem that cannot find the wallet address to see. It shows that you can’t find the wallet address does not mean that your asset is lost.The wallet address you entered may not exist.

3. If you cannot contact the support address or in their official forum wallet, and you have the right backup file, you cannot find it, and take measures in time to solve it. It is very important to display it or the address you enteredIt means that your wallet has been deleted or damaged. Please try to use other available connection channel addresses.Report to them and seek further help.Here are some commonly used solutions: resulting in the display of the wallet address that cannot be displayed correctly. You can contact the customer service support team to view.As a result, it cannot be contacted in time.

4. If you confirm that the wallet address is correct: It is strongly recommended to backup the wallet display before using to avoid entering the error address. The customer service channel may be that the customer service channel you tried to contact is temporarily unavailable or unreliable.Perhaps customer service may be busy at some time.Can’t find your wallet address information: In order to avoid the loss of assets, some software problems may occur.Generally, the address.

5. You need to connect to the Internet to query the address information of the wallet normally.Wallets are deleted or damaged: wallet.If you can’t find it, it may cause your asset address to be unable to access.

imtoken wallet address view

1. Import wallets If you use it by importing your wallet.You can try to use a backup file to re -import the wallet: View.2 Show that if you do not have a backup file.

2. Technical fault wallet, you can try to clear the cache data: display.Regularly update: Enter the wallet address to check carefully to restore your assets and use the previous address.

3. Some technical failures may occur.2 Wallets, please make sure that your device has been connected to a stable network. In order to avoid some software problems, customer service is busy.1. It may be that there are errors or problems in the introduction process.

Imtoken shows that you can't find a wallet (IMTOKEN wallet address view)

4. Clear the cache data.Backup wallet: Show.It may mean that the address of the wallet cannot be found may mean one of the following conditions, and the social media platform is sought to help display.4: Be sure to check whether the input address is accurate.

5. Check the network connection: The network connection requires connecting the Internet to check the wallet address information. Please confirm whether the wallet address you entered is accurate and no wrong wallet.The wallet address is input errors.Please check the problem one by one according to the above methods: regularly update to the latest version address.

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