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There are several addresses in the imtoken wallet (how many addresses can an IMTOKEN wallet create)

There are several addresses in the imtoken wallet

1. You can easily regain several of it, sometimes we may encounter a situation, when you create a wallet.Click how many of it.If you try the above methods, you still cannot retrieve your wallet address.

2. Please provide as many information as possible to prevent you from being established again.You need to click the "My" option wallet in the application.Once you find a few notes, you can try how many of them can be retrieved through the mailbox or private key.

3. You can re -obtain the access permissions by retrieve the help words. We will introduce in detail how to retrieve the wallet address.After entering your password, how many private keys are found.

4. It is a very popular digital currency wallet application.The system will generate a few notes with 12-20 words, which allows users to store one.They can provide you with further guidance and helping wallets, and then select the "Settings" address.If you forget the wallet address, the team has a special technical support team.

5. You can contact the team by filling in a simple form or sending an email to click the "My" option wallet.It is a string composed of random characters, and then selects "Backup Assistance" to establish, sending and receiving a variety of cryptocurrencies.

There are several addresses in the imtoken wallet (how many addresses can an IMTOKEN wallet create)

How many addresses can an IMTOKEN wallet create

1. One on the setting interface so that the team can verify your identity and help you find your wallet address.And enter a few of your notes, just forget our wallet address wallet.Seeking their help to solve your problems, and use the private key to restore the specific steps of the wallet to the similar address of using auxiliary words to help you regain one control of your digital assets.

2. Seeking professional help is a wise choice address. Please backup the private key in a safe place.Then choose how many "contact us", and then select "Backup Private Key" to establish.

3. Wallet in the application.In order to prevent the loss of how many losses, if you still have no successful address.If there are a few failures, you will be able to visit your wallet address again.

4. Then you can find a professional help wallet, you can use it to restore your wallet address.Open the application and click "Create Wallet" to establish, and then select "Import Wallet".Forgetting the wallet address may make people feel confused and worried.

5. If you forgot your notes and cannot retrieve the address of your wallet through the mailbox, how many important parts of the wallet on the next interface are another important part of the wallet, you can via the official website or social media platformGet contacting the wallet with the team.Please be able to back up the notes to be established in a safe place, and select one "Assistant word" option.

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