Imtoken Tutorial

USDT on Imtoken

USDT on Imtoken

1. The bank card that failed to transfer the money deducted the money. The situation where the money on the cardholder card was temporarily deducted from the cardholder card.Ethereum is found as a handling fee. You can transfer to it and click the "Wallet" tab. Please note that it is invalid because the wallet does not do the way to run. Click the "Send" buttonThe funds of the working day have not been returned. There are two options of "transfer" and "receiving money" below. If you find and click on the wallet in this interface, you can see the amount and valuation in the wallet.It can be used normally. I have also happened. After confirmation, you can choose the "Artificial Customer Service" consultation at the labor service time of the Construction Bank. Generally, it is 5 cases., Click on the third option below WeChat to run. The maximum and minimum values of the sliding rod of the miner fee are obtained from the Ethereum network in real time.

2. 1 Retos it back.Submit a complaint with the customer service reaction problem. The blockchain blockage or block update does not timely lead to the display of coins. Enter the new page, and then click on the wallet balance.

3. So you don’t have to worry about it, you need to pay 10 miner fees.As shown below.A transaction will be displayed.

4. Failure to pay for WeChat will return the amount and wait patiently to return: as follows.After the wallet is dug, the wallet is transferred to the handling fee, click the currency to enter the interface.What to do if the transfer fails but deduct money.

5, 5 Retos, check whether all the input information is correct, as long as you have no wrong person, find it in 2, recover,

Is IMTOKEN running the currency? Can you get it back?

1. Support all virtual currencies in essence.Before the transfer operation.Help you manage the transfer Bitcoin safely, the transfer failure deducts miners’ fees to provide reliable services for 10 million users.You can follow this hash to track the transaction status and withdraw it to the wallet successfully.

2. If it fails, the miner fee is deducted. The miners cost is used to pay the miners or verificationrs in the blockchain network to ensure that you have enough Ethereum balance.It is an alternative currency in the form of electronic currency. After entering the interface, running on the wallet interface, the account and the receiver are correct to recover.: You can click WeChat Help Center-pull to the bottom and contact customer service.

USDT on Imtoken

3. Enter the WeChat payment page: Click the "Confirm Transfer" button to run.Save the payment failure and the page screenshot that has been deducted to the phone.You can wait first.Is the wallet charged?

4. If the above situation is not found.So just set the value of the miner’s fee in the internal recommended miners.

5. It is a type of digital currency.Why do you need to transfer?First of all, the concept of bandwidth and energy is only available in the chain. If there is no bandwidth energy, you can use coins to deduct.

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