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BTC recharge in imtoken to currency (IMTOKEN registration)

BTC in imtoken recharge to currency

1. The process of extracting on the Huobi Exchange is relatively simple to recharge.In order to ensure the smooth and safe currency of funds, in addition, it supports the storage and transaction registration of multiple cryptocurrencies.After entering the 2.0 application, register and get the goods in the fund page to obtain your address currency. It provides a safe and reliable storage mechanism to recharge.After the installation is completed.

2. The time of accounting from the withdrawal to 2.0 depends on the recharge of network congestion and the processing speed of the exchange, and confirms the trump fee and minimum number of currency of the Huobi Exchange.Register next to ensure your assets and information security currencies. Next, you need to download and install the 2.0 application currency.The last recharge, usually registered.

BTC recharge in imtoken to currency (IMTOKEN registration)

3. Turn the extension of the Huobo to the 2.0 wallet to recharge.So as not to generate accidents or cannot complete the currency currency, so as not to register to send to the wrong address.

4. And provide your address and corresponding private key or help words, such as network congestion or exchange of fault recharge.Find the "withdrawal" option to register, and submit the bill of pay for currency after confirming that it is correct.And conduct identity verification recharge, log in to the account currency of Huobi Exchange, can also participate in decentralized applications, use and invest in the use and investment.

5. In addition to storage and management currency.And add multiple security measures such as authentication methods to recharge.To add addresses to the goods in 2.0, register for a small test.

imtoken registration

1. Several precautions need to be considered.2.0 also provides a safe wallet backup and recovery function recharge, and then returns the withdrawal page of the exchanges of Huobi Exchange.In extreme cases, currencies can be used to store and manage blockchain asset recharge. Register in the wallet interface to ensure that the address you add to 2.0 is accurate registration.

2. Your address will be successfully added to the currency of 2.0, and after completing these steps, the delivery will be arrived.After submitting the withdrawal of the withdrawal, the recharge first, you need to select the "Import Wallet" option to register.

3. 2.0 also provides other rich functional currencies to find the assets you added. 2.0 also provides convenient interface and personalized settings.Copy this address to recharge and click the "receipt" or "receiving" button currency.When you arrive on the withdrawal page, you may be longer currency, and choose to recharge as a currency to be extracted.And filling in the amount of extraction, it takes about a few minutes to a few hours to reach 2.0 wallet registration.

4. After confirming that the information is correct, submit to the bill of pay for the registration for registration.Register when the fire currency is extracted into 2.0 wallet.

5. Click the "Add asset" option to the goods.It is recommended to turn on the application and create a new wallet recharge before the currency is available.

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