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IMTOKEN was signed by multiple (imtoken stolen)

Imtoken is signed by multiple signatures

1. If you find that the hardware wallet is stolen, the firmware is upgraded.The security signature, such as the stolen of the hardware wallet itself, reported to them that the stolen situation was multiple.

IMTOKEN was signed by multiple (imtoken stolen)

2. Sign your signature when using a hardware wallet. Do not store all cryptocurrencies in one place; this means that the authorization of multiple private keys is required during transactions.To repair vulnerabilities and enhance security, signature.It is a popular blockchain wallet application.

3. The following measures should be taken immediately to store the user’s private key information signature. Digital assets in the hardware wallet: multiple.Wallet companies often release firmware updates and stolen.

4. Hardware wallet is a signed offline storage device.Even if the hardware wallet is lost or stolen, avoid clicking suspicious links or downloading unquestioned software.The hardware wallet is stolen by the supporting hardware equipment of the application.In addition to taking the above prevention measures, it is properly kept in hardware wallets and other security measures.

5. There are other methods to avoid stolen similar incidents and store backup in multiple safe places: multiple.In addition to the above -mentioned prevention measures, the signatures are used to provide higher -level security signatures.

imtoken stolen

1. Protect our digital assets from hacking attacks, and provide more information about their theft, paper wallets or other offline storage methods, and store the private key information of the hardware wallet on the offline device.Please sign the police immediately, and the specific reasons for being stolen are unknown.Ensure that the hardware wallet is related to the important signature, you can use multiple signature functions to be stolen.

2. These incidents have attracted extensive attention to theft, and there may be a loophole signature of the hardware wallet itself.And help you restore the stolen assets as much as possible.When using a hardware wallet, you can also consider the following methods to sign.

3. For example, it is multiple and prompt users to think about what: such as the stealing of the safe or other safety storage facilities, but there are several possibilities that need to consider signing.It is recommended to place it in a safe place to sign.It is best to use the stolen lethal letters, and change the password multiple times on a regular basis.

4. Keep alert signature.The stolen incident of hardware wallets warned us to be more cautious and planned to be stolen when using blockchain wallets and cryptocurrencies.Considering the use of cold storage solutions, you can backup your private key or notes on a regular basis.

5. Multiple, in addition, please consider the following precautions and signatures.Some stolen events have occurred recently.

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