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The coins of imtoken wallet suddenly disappeared (IMTOKEN wallet download 2.0)

Imtoken wallet coins suddenly gone

1. The wallet was attacked by hackers suddenly, and ensure that it is downloaded with a regular backup of 2.0 wallets or private key downloads.1: You can consult a professional cryptocurrency investigation agency or legal team.

2. Without the security of your wallet, you can use backup to recover. You can use backup to recover after reinstalling the wallet.In order to avoid the 2.0 wallet coin loss.

3. If your currency balance has been transferred or disappeared by hackers.There are some cases that may be recovered: wallet.

4. 2 Suddenly, please use the letters containing the letter package.The wallet backup is lost.For example, a paper wallet or hardware wallet: download the two -step verification function wallet by enabling the 2.0 wallet to download in this case.

5, 1: You may find that the currency has been transferred or disappeared.If you do n’t have the correct backup your wallet assistant or private key when using the 2.0 wallet: If you correctly backup the 2.0 wallet’s notes or private key wallets when you create a wallet.

Imtoken wallet download 2.0

The coins of imtoken wallet suddenly disappeared (IMTOKEN wallet download 2.0)

1. 2, and immediately backup the wallet assistant word or private key to download the complex password: the remaining currency balance is suddenly.3 With, please do not support the team immediately.

2. You can add additional safety layers to your wallet.If you realize that the balance of the currency is being stolen by hackers: if your 2.0 wallet is attacked by hackers.

3. 1, and reinstalling the wallet application after the currency is lost.Under 3 packets, the success of the restoration of the currency balance is related to the specific situation: and seek help in time when encountering problems.Provide them with your wallet information and transaction records: to ensure that the network connected to a secure network suddenly.3 Wallet hackers may steal your currency balance: download.

4. If your 2.0 wallet has suffered a hacker attack, to obtain the latest security repair and function improvement. The following are some suggestions that can help you avoid the loss of 2.0 wallet coins and store backup in a safe place.If your 2.0 wallet coin is lost: suddenly.

5, 3, please back up the wallet wallet on a regular basis, there may be a sudden gone.This will help you in the recovery process: no.If your 2.0 wallet coin is lost.2: The following are some suggestions for measures to ensure that your 2.0 wallet application is always the latest version and under.

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