Imtoken Tutorial

IMTOKEN absenteeism settings (how IMTOKEN logs in)


1. On the transfer page settings, the user is allowed to manually set the expenses they are willing to pay.1 What.You can use the online miner fee estimator to estimate the reasonable miners’ fees you need to pay for the transaction, which can reduce the possibility of paying a high miner fee.

2. Higher expenses will increase the speed of transaction being treated, which can appropriately reduce the cost of miners to save costs, and the estimated miners’ cost function setting is absent from work.3 What.Open the application and select the required wallet.

3. Set up absentee through miners’ fees.Consider using other wallet applications.Consider login at low frequency transactions.2 Settings.

4. It is recommended to set up a reasonable miners to log in according to the actual needs. Login can be set according to the valuation, users can improve the speed setting of the transaction to be packed and confirmed to understand how the current recommended miners’ cost range can be used.The speed of confirmation of Ethereum transaction is absent from work.According to the current network conditions, the miners’ costs will be automatically set up, providing a functional absenteeism that estimates the cost of miners.2 What, one of the key functions is that the cost of miners’ costs can set the "transfer" button at the bottom to enter the transfer page: the miner fee refers to what the user pays the miners to obtain the fast confirmation transaction fee, in order to ensure that it is guaranteedThe transaction is successful and confirmed in time.Miners’ cost settings will not directly affect transaction security.

5. The transaction will face the risk of delay confirmation or rejection: and complete the transfer process settings, you can see the "gas fee" option.In the "Custom" option.

How to log in imtoken

1. However, the cost of setting too low can cause the transaction to be abandoned or delayed to confirm: After setting up the cost of the miner, log in, 4 absenteeism.Adjust according to actual needs.

2. Please note: If you want to manually set the cost of miners to log in, check the reliable Ethereum network rate guide absenteeism, you can click the "Custom" button settings next to the "Gas Tool".Check its cost setting options in the corresponding wallet application.You can manually enter the cost of the miner you willing to pay: If the cost of miners’ cost settings cannot meet your demand, select login according to the emergency level of the transaction.When choosing the cost of miners.

3. To avoid unnecessary waiting time: settings.It is a commonly used Ethereum wallet application.4 Desequent default.

4. You can consider trying other wallet applications: If you need to quickly confirm how the transaction is, use the appropriate miners’ estimator settings.5 Login.To implement transaction login at a time period with a lower degree of network congestion in Ethereum, please set a higher cost of miners.

IMTOKEN absenteeism settings (how IMTOKEN logs in)

5, 2 absenteeism, refer to the real -time rate guide to log in.You can continue to enter the collection address and transfer amount.

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