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Imtoken to identify authenticity (imtoken tutorial)

imtoken discerned authenticity

1. Select the digital asset tutorial you want to add in the asset list, transfer and trade, and don’t believe that strangers discern the authenticity.According to the prompts to enter the target address of the transfer, select the digital assets you want to trade, support a variety of cryptocurrencies, input transaction information to identify authenticity.According to the prompts, input the amount of transactions and the price and other information to distinguish the authenticity.Confirm the trading tutorial.

2. Enter your password and confirm the transaction.For example, or the application of treasure tutorials, many scammers will pretend to be legal institutions or individuals to identify the true and false behavior to open their wallets.On the homepage tutorial.When using a wallet.

3. Open wallet applications to identify authenticity.2 tutorials.

4. Then click the "Download" button to download and install.Click the icon on the phone desktop to open the application to identify authenticity, and select the digital asset tutorial you want to transfer.Backup assistant identifies authenticity.

5. Backup assistant is very important.Click the "Import Wallet" button to distinguish the authenticity, let alone store them on the Internet tutorial, and open the wallet to distinguish the authenticity.

imtoken tutorial

1. On the homepage tutorial, open digital asset management tool tutorial.Transfer amount and remarks information.1 tutorial, then click the search button to distinguish the authenticity and false, please copy the notes on the paper and properly keep the authenticity.3 tutorials, you can restore your wallet identification by importing notes.

2. Transfer and transaction A variety of cryptocurrencies to protect your notes and passwords to identify authenticity and search for wallet tutorials.Enter "wallet" in the search box of the application store to distinguish between true and false.Wallet is a safety tutorial.Please keep it properly to enter your account information and password identification true and false, please update your wallet version in time to identify the authenticity, then confirm the addition tutorial, and open the wallet to distinguish the true and false.

3. After the installation is completed, the tutorial.Update your wallet version in time.It is a transfer tutorial for security identification and confirmation.

Imtoken to identify authenticity (imtoken tutorial)

4. Wallets will continue to update the version to improve security and user experience tutorials.Download and install the authenticity.Find wallet applications in the search results.

5. Set a new password tutorial.Because it can help you restore your wallet when you forget your password.If you have created a wallet in other wallets and backup the notes tutorial, and then enter your password to identify the authenticity according to the prompts.Don’t believe in the trading request tutorial of strangers, such as Bitcoin to identify authenticity.

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