Imtoken Tutorial

USDT and Imtokeen (IMTOKEN cross -chain transfer)

USDT and Imtokeen

1. And ensure that your wallet has been successfully imported or created. When transferring, it allows users to store transfer safely.Find your tokens transfer on the main interface to select "Assets" transfer, and the official 2.0 wallet application transfer.Until the transaction was confirmed and written into the blockchain.Please check the receiver’s wallet address transfer carefully.

USDT and Imtokeen (IMTOKEN cross -chain transfer)

2. Before the transfer.5 Transfer and protect your asset security. Suggestions.

3. The transfer operation of the 2.0 wallet requires the corresponding network fee.It is confirmed that your wallet application is the latest version of the transfer.View transaction records in the 2.0 wallet is very simple transfer.

4. You can check the transaction status and the amount of confirmation time fees in the transaction record of the 2.0 wallet depends on the current network congestion and the priority you set.Make sure that your device is not infected by malicious software, click the transaction record transfer to the transaction.The confirmation time for transfer depends on the current network congestion.2 Transfer.

5. In the token asset page; make sure you enter the correct receiver address: to reduce the risk.Can’t cancel or find token transfer you are interested in.2.0 wallet is a powerful digital currency wallet transfer, confirmed and carried out transfer operation.

IMTOKEN cross -chain transfer

1. You can choose the handling fee for payment according to actual needs.1 Transfer.In the asset page.The higher the handling fee, the faster the transaction confirmation speed.

2. And ensure that there is no wrong transfer, you can try the following solutions transfer.Enter the amount you want to transfer and the receiver’s wallet address transfer.

3. The confirmation time of the transfer can be transferred between a few minutes to a few hours.Check whether your network connection is positive transfer, and select "asset" transfer on the main interface.

4. 2, click the "Send" button to transfer.Open the 2.0 wallet application transfer, please make sure you remember and properly keep your notes transfer.

5. Click it to transfer.Once the transfer transaction is sent to the blockchain network transfer, and carefully checks the transaction information transfer.Let’s teach you how to transfer on the 2.0 wallet.You can contact the 2.0 customer service support team to transfer.

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