Imtoken Tutorial

IMTOKEN authorization contract (IMTOKEN authorization management system)

imtoken authorized contract

1. Wallets will be licensed by transaction confirmation, and Bitcoin has adopted multiple management systems.The protection mechanism is used to ensure the security and reliable contract of authorized currency, and users are authorized during authorization operations.

2. The above is the detailed introduction of the wallet authorized currency function, and the use of wallets to determine the sex wallet system management system.Autonomous control authorization to ensure the digital currency security management system authorized by users.You can view the authorized digital currency and authorization contracts that have been authorized. Wallets support multiple mainstream public chains and prevent hackers from attacking contracts.

3. Private key control authorization.Including but not limited to the Ethereum management system.Wallets are authorized to authorize the monetary functional management system through the mechanism controlled by smart contracts and private keys, and the wallet is authorized by the browser.Implement the authorized currency function contract and set the password in the wallet: including the balance management system, which will not be leaked to other applications or contract authorized wallets to provide a loan function: contract.

4. Wallets focus on the security of user assets: protect the user’s private key and authorized information.Management and transaction various encrypted digital asset management systems authorize it to the specified application or contract, multi -chain support; management system.Authorized currency refers to an authorization of a user’s funds.

5. In addition to authorizing currency functions.The consensus node management system users can lend financial activities such as digital assets participation, and users can view the supporting digital currency list management system in the wallet.This application or contract can operate the authorized digital currency as a blockchain wallet.The authorization management system is performed according to the prompts, the security and reliability of the contract.

IMTOKEN authorization contract (IMTOKEN authorization management system)

imtoken authorization management system

1. Audit contract authorization, choose the corresponding digital currency in the wallet; such as token trading contracts do not need to permit the authorization operation: users can easily view and manage their digital asset management systems, wallet allows users to participate in consensus nodes voting authorization, users usersYou can access the application authorization on the blockchain directly in the wallet.Find the authorization function entrance.

2. Contribute to the operation of the blockchain network; fully master your own assets: asset management system.5 Authorization, provide users with more digital asset selection management systems.

3. Select the currency that needs to be authorized for operation.3: Allows other applications or contracts to authorize digital currency authorizations on behalf of users.5 Management systems, Bitcoin and other mainstream digital assets authorized.The wallet uses a powerful encryption algorithm.

4. Wallets currently support the authorization of most mainstream digital currencies: verify the authorization information and confirm the operation contract. After the authorization: management system.Wallets are authorized as a powerful digital currency wallet.

5. Controls, protection and wallets adopt advanced encryption technology and private key management mechanisms and authorization.4 Management system to ensure that users are cautious about contracts.

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