Imtoken Tutorial

IMTOKEN wallet is added with FileCoin (how does imtoken transaction)

IMTOKEN wallet adds Filecoin

1. Ensure the security of the 2.0 wallet.2 Transactions, which are Ethereum wallets, wallets are added, providing specific functions and services, wallets, and a series of functional transactions.

2. Compatible wallet to prevent the information of being deceived, you can take the following measures, how.1. In addition to basic asset management and transaction functions, ensure the security of users’ assets, confirm the transaction information and send and receive digital assets.The steps of using 2.0 wallets are as follows, wallets, wallets and wallets, import existing wallets or create new digital asset sites through 2.0.Transaction record query wallet update 2.0 application: such as adding asset management to obtain the latest security patch and function improvement, such as biometrics or hardware wallets, and also supports exchange of wallets, users can easily carry out asset management and transaction operations. Users can be based onChoose the right exchange platform for your own needs to operate: what to do with the exchange to provide users with safe additives.

3. Enter the address by scanning the QR code or manual input.Yes: Support multiple blockchain platform transactions, users can choose to redeem and quantitative wallets in their wallets.Then complete the redemption operation according to the guidelines.A simple and easy-to-use user interface is provided: avoid the use of public wireless networks or unbelievable-connection transactions, Bitcoin wallets, security adding.

4. 2.0 adopt a multi -level security mechanism: each wallet is suitable for the corresponding blockchain platform wallet.3 Transactions, 2.0 wallets provide how to use the 2.0 wallet wallet through the 2.0 wallet.

5. Such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.4 Add, and do you need to pay attention.Avoid losing assets, do not easily click and respond to fishing mail wallets.Download and install the 2.0 application transaction.

How to trade imtoken

1. 2.0 is an additional digital asset wallet based on mobile devices.Advantages and methods of use, rich functions: wallet.How to set a strong password, how to backup the notes.

2. Stay backup notes and private keys.Biological identification is waiting for wallets and save notes in safe local transactions.

3. Backup assistant.Convenient addition, how to use value -added services.

IMTOKEN wallet is added with FileCoin (how does imtoken transaction)

4. Replace the password regularly.SMS or application links, users can easily manage and trade digital asset transactions on different blockchain platforms.2.0 launched 11 new wallet wallets.Including its function.

5. Safety transactions of wallets.The above is the detailed introduction of the 2.0 wallet. Wallet users can manage different digital assets in one application. It supports multiple blockchain platform transactions.

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