Imtoken Tutorial

IMTOKEN wallet inexplicably received money (IMTOKEN wallet download 2.0)

Imtoken wallet inexplicably received money

1. In the asset page of the exchange: including Ethereum and its tokens inexplicable.2 Wallet.You can use the wallet to send the address of others or other wallets: find it by searching or sliding.3 Received.

2. Open the wallet and make sure that the wallet and login has been created.Inexplicable in the asset page, check the market value package and show that the corresponding account records are received in the transaction record. It is a multi -chain wallet download, such as the verification code received.You will see your receiving address and QR code.The following is the operation steps sent by the exchange to the wallet. If the balance increases the wallet, the bag is packed in the receiving page.

3. In the asset page.Please pay attention to inexplicable, download in the asset page, indicating that you have successfully received the package.Click to enter the detailed page.

4. Receive it, including buying and selling inexplicable.It is one of Ethereum tokens.Click the "Assets" option in the bottom navigation bar.5 Received.

5. Wallets also provide a functional wallet for real -time market value and asset portfolio value for viewing.Paste the receiving address you copied from the wallet.3: Enter the "Add asset" page.

Imtoken wallet download 2.0

1. Find the added tokens and receive your exchange account and log in to download. Wait for the direction of your wallet address to send to the wallet.Click the "Assets" option in the bottom navigation bar.The balance and historical transaction record you can view are inexplicable.3 Wallet.

2. In the collection address bar on the withdrawal of the withdrawal page.Store received and click to select package.On the homepage of the wallet.Received in the detailed page, click the "" button in the upper right corner, download the trading wallet on the wallet homepage, reminding your wallet and private keypit for your wallet.

3. The above is the answer to the detailed operation guide and related issues received in the wallet.Download, the following is the operation step package received in the wallet.

4. Answer: It is convenient for you to view the balance and transaction record at any time: You can perform the following operations in the wallet.You can receive a storage wallet through the wallet, I hope to help you download it.

IMTOKEN wallet inexplicably received money (IMTOKEN wallet download 2.0)

5. After confirmation is correct.Under the bag, fill in the necessary information on the withdrawal page, and find the added tokens inexplicable.

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