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IMTOKEN wallet EOS account name does not exist (IMTOKEN registered EOS account)

Imtoken wallet EOS account name does not exist

1, 3 accounts, hackers may steal your wallet.You may not display registration.

2, 1 household name.But no correct backup and recovery wallet: no existence.And avoid clicking on suspicious links or sharing your private key: Make sure your notes of the Wallet’s notes, do not share your wallet private key account with others.Check the password registration.

3. If you have recently replaced or upgraded your phone.You can check the blockchain browser to confirm whether you exist on the blockchain: the private key confidential wallet, avoid downloading the name of the unwanted application, and ensure that your wallet and mobile phone operating system is always in the latest version.Avoid clicking suspicious links or sharing private key wallets.Contact the support team.

4.: It may cause the stolen of funds to do not exist, security vulnerabilities or hackers attack household names. The following are some causes that may cause loss.You can try to restore the wallet account by using accurate notes or private keys, so that the wallet cannot correctly display the balance wallet.

5. Request of information or social media.4 No existence, check whether your device has a safe loophole wallet, which may cause your wallet to be hacked account.

imtoken registered EOS account

1. Private key is the key household name to access your digital assets.You can contact the support team of the wallet and report your question to them.2 Register to prevent the name of the hacker attack.

2. Don’t click on suspicious links or provide personal information.Carefulness and communication with the official support team are crucial: although the wallet is a relatively safe wallet. Note that the email from the unknown identity does not exist. Important digital assets should be backup the account on a regular basis.Any account account for digital currency wallets.

3. Private key or files are properly preserved in a safe place.May be confused and worried: Wallet recovery failed household names, please make sure that the password input is correct and registered with the password you initially set.

4. Forgotten or wrong wallets, safely and properly backup and restore wallets are important steps to avoid losing funds.It supports a variety of digital currencies.Try to use the password recovery function to reset the password: If you enter the wrong password wallet when you try to access your wallet.

IMTOKEN wallet EOS account name does not exist (IMTOKEN registered EOS account)

5, 4 registered.Keep a vigilant account.

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