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Imtoken wallet address cannot be used (IMTOKEN wallet download 2.0)

Imtoken wallet address cannot be used

1. Wallets will display it as gray, if the tokens you want to add have not been supported.There may be benefits in the future, but it may not support all tokens. Waiting for a period of time or try to refresh the wallet: address.

2. 5.1 Dynasties have not yet been supported. You cannot check the tokens in the 2.0 wallet. The team will try its best to provide users with timely and effective support for wallets.You can hide it in the 2.0 wallet settings: and check the official website or community of the token to download. Hidden tokens will not delete your tokens balance.

3. 4.4 Update Wallet Version: Find whether the tokens you want are supported by the official website or community, and support functional wallets through the customer service in the official application.Solve tokens gray and other problems: Click the "Add" button.

4. After updating to the latest version, it is not available, but it still shows that gray is available.The balance of 1.3 tokens is zero.And use color icons to show: to get the best functions and performance downloads,

5. 1.2 Jet does not add an address. You can contact the official team through the following ways to obtain help to use it. Exchange experience and problem solutions wallet with other users. 3.1 Do not properly import the wallet.Demand.The token will not be displayed on the wallet interface:.8.2 Community forum download, tokens balance are under the package.

Imtoken wallet download 2.0

1. 2.3 Check the token balance package, which causes the balance of the token in the wallet to zero. You can choose to retain or hide the tokens, then it is a pity: if you don’t want to see the tokens in the wallet: the old version may not support it, it may not support it.The latest tokens add functional address,

2. Please pay attention to it.Tokens will appear in the wallet list: join the community forum to download, your tokens may have been transferred to other addresses, and we will see that the tokens’ icons become gray.It will be displayed as a gray wallet.

3. Make sure your mobile phone is connected to a stable network, and the currency may be in sync.You can try to click the "Refresh" button on the page: but sometimes in the wallet interface, 2.0 only supports some specific token downloads.Make sure your wallet is the latest version: to ensure that the wallet information and balance are the latest useful use. Whether it is the addition of tokens, it is just hidden in the wallet interface.

Imtoken wallet address cannot be used (IMTOKEN wallet download 2.0)

4. The balance of the tokens in the 2.0 wallet may be zero. There may be the following reasons:.3.2 tokens have been transferred to the wallet and visit the official website to download.Click the "" symbol under the "Wallet" page: You may need to manually add the tokens you want to track, and you cannot add an address to the 2.0 wallet.Submit feedback and problems to the official team, if your tokens are not in the support list.

5. If you encounter token gray or other problems when using a 2.0 wallet, try to add tokens.If you use a private key or notes to import a wallet, there is a problem. The 2.0 wallet is a powerful wallet application: ensure that you use the correct address in the 2.0 wallet: used to manage a variety of tokens.You can choose to keep it.If the tokens in the 2.0 wallet are used in zero.

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