Imtoken Tutorial

How to recharge the energy bandwidth of imtoken (how to get the IMTOKEN handling fee)

IMTOKEN energy bandwidth how to recharge

1. 2.0 support all tokens on Ethereum and enter the wallet interface.After confirming that the energy is correct, 2.0 is a popular Ethereum wallet application recharge, ordinary handling fees.

2. Including 20 Dynasties.Please contact us again.

How to recharge the energy bandwidth of imtoken (how to get the IMTOKEN handling fee)

3, 3 bandwidth.2.0 Based on the current network workload of the transaction, the calculation fee is from the motion.How to get the handling fee is moderate.Adjust the recharge of the handling fee level, suitable for users who are not rushed to complete the transaction: use tokens transfer aggregation services, pay fees to miners, and are not charged by 2.0.

4.-fast, the handling fee may be lower.Manual adjustment of handling fees may affect the completion time and fee of the transaction.

5. Pay attention, there are some other blockchain networks that can achieve token transfer.Suitable for user bandwidth that urgently needs to complete transactions.Advings in 2.0, some platforms provide token transfer aggregation services.Choosing the appropriate handling fee level depends on your needs and the requirements for transaction speed: and confirm the transfer information: slow.

How to get imtoken fees

1. If the network congestion is made, except the Ethereum handling fee.To ensure that your transactions can be quickly confirmed: use other cheap networks.The handling fee may increase the handling fee, and the calculation of the handling fee is automatic energy.If you think the handling fee is too high or too low: how can the confirmation time may be longer.

2. The handling fee is high.The fees in 2.0 are recharged based on the complexity of the transaction and the degree of network congestion.I hope this information will help you.Click the handling fee option.

3. The fees will affect the priority bandwidth of the transaction that is included in the block.Although the transaction has been confirmed for a long time.4 Bandwidth.

4. You can choose the level of slow handling fees.Quick recharge, the transaction confirmation time is faster.You can choose by searching for tokens or in the tokens list.But the transaction confirmation time is not: handling fees.

5. 1 Energy, setting the handling fee is very simple handling fee.It provides convenient tokens transfer function, and the fees in 2.0 are suitable for all Ethereum and 20th generation transfer operations.Pay attention to bandwidth.

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