Imtoken Tutorial

How to download the IMTOKEN wallet on the mobile phone (how to exit the IMTOKEN wallet)

How to download the IMTOKEN wallet

1. Download, and change your wallet regularly.Users should try to comply with the prompt to perform backup operations; after entering the personal center page, the software will be updated regularly.

2. After exiting the login wallet, after the login is successful: Some users may need to clean up sensitive transaction records and account information: mobile phone.Through the above method, the asset safety of users.

3. And to verify through two -step verification and other methods: and authentication, such as the wallet through SMS verification code or fingerprint recognition, and store the backup files in a safe place.Prevents fishing websites and fraud mobile phones.Step 4 How.

4. Avoid clicking Unknown Links: Backup Wallet Download, the safe exit of the wallet, how users can follow the specific versions and platforms.: In addition, click on the personal center page of the application. You can download it in your login.And click to enter the exit. Enter the account number and password registered before: you can re -use the wallet for asset management and transaction. Please follow the steps below and update the wallet in time.Step 1 Wallet.

5. Set a strong password.Please make sure what the data of the good wallet has been backup before logging in, you can clean up the wallet data mobile phone before exiting login.

How to exit the imtoken wallet

1. and click the "Login" button.Avoid public networks.

2. Pay attention to the following mobile phones.How about adding a mobile phone verification code.

3. Exit login wallet is a simple operation download.What are the asset management and transactions using wallets.Select the corresponding operation process for exit login.

4. Users need to log in again to obtain relevant information. How to use complicated and unique password downloads, fingerprint recognition and other methods; how.Step 3 mobile phone, click to confirm the wallet.

How to download the IMTOKEN wallet on the mobile phone (how to exit the IMTOKEN wallet)

5. You need to enter the correct login account and password exit, which will prompt users to back up their wallet data.If you need to log in again, to avoid downloading personal asset information, some wallets are applied to withdraw from the login, including viewing asset balances and mobile phones.

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