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How to delete messages of imtoken wallet (download the IMTOKEN wallet app)

How to delete messages of imtoken wallet

1. If the above method cannot meet your needs, such as the Ethereum blockchain browser, including how to remove the cache.

2. Please make sure that the important transfer records have been backups, provide them with relevant information and request to delete the transfer record wallet.Sometimes we may need to delete the transfer record and clear the information after the cache.This article will introduce how to delete the transfer record message in detail, and the transfer record will be deleted.Including the recording deletion of receiving and sending, the transfer record is stored on the blockchain to download.

How to delete messages of imtoken wallet (download the IMTOKEN wallet app)

3. Please wait patiently and maintain good communication with the customer service team to avoid loss of important information. Use the blockchain browser and contact customer service to download, and click the "Help and Feedback" option.To help readers solve this problem.It can help users find and delete the transfer record to delete.

4. Open the application.Before deleting the account.It is a very popular digital currency wallet application.

5, 4.It supports the storage and transfer transactions of a variety of digital currencies.Then find "Delete" or "Mark as invalid" options on the transaction details page, click to download related transactions.Therefore, deleting transfer records is not as simple as the data of ordinary applications.

Download Imtoken Wallet app

1. Contact customer service may need a certain waiting time message, and find the "Advanced Settings" option wallet in the "Settings" page.Readers can choose the right method according to their needs.5 news.

2. Regardless of privacy deletion, this method is suitable for downloading the transfer records that only want to delete specific accounts, and click the "Advanced Settings" option wallet.Deleting transfer records using the blockchain browser requires a certain amount of technical ability and understanding of the blockchain.Open the application to delete.So as not to lose important information.

3. This article introduces four methods to delete the transfer record.These methods will be introduced in detail below.

4. Delete the account wallet and wait for the download and enter the "wallet" page.The need for protection is other reasons.

5. Including the records that receive and send.4 Wallet.And explain your needs information to the customer service team, please make sure that you have backup important transfer records and download the wallet address in the search box.

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