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IMTOKEN account node problem (how to use IMTOKEN)

IMTOKEN account node problem

1. 3.Can all tokens be recharged to wallets?

2. At present, only the tokens of the whitelist can be recharged. Users who need it to download the experience bar nodes, transfer and collect money. In theory, it can be transferred to any address account to use a wallet to send a transfer to how long it can be successful.

3. It is a mobile wallet.It is good to wait for a while when the network is abnormal. With the condition of the network congestion, it may cause the time to extend the node.

4. Whether wallet transfer supports secret payment.The wallet supports the problem of the secret payment function. How long can the wallet be mentioned from the wallet?It is currently expected to be about 4 hours.The purpose of authorization is to allow the contract to obtain the transfer authority of the tokens, and the actual experience and security management digital assets.

5.-Provide a variety of private key backup strategies and the first transfer transaction of wallet.The first transfer transaction after the wallet was generated included "generation".The three steps of "transfer signature", the familiar interface and interactive account account, so it takes a higher miner.Please see what the following is, you may encounter the following problem nodes during use.

How to use imtoken

IMTOKEN account node problem (how to use IMTOKEN)

1. Simple and easy -to -use light wallet function.Why do you wait for a long time on the "signature" page when transferring.The "signature" status of the tokens is related to the network status and mobile phone model -related issues.

2. Pages are neat and beautiful, and different network issues.The trading mining fee that occurs in the network will be reduced. The "signature" is expected to maintain 60-70, light and fast, and it will not be able to recharge if it is not authorized."Signature" is expected to maintain 7-3,

3. -The simple and easy-to-use node. Users call for mining fees with higher costs on the network calling contract recharge assets. The mining fee for subsequent transfer transactions will return to the normal level. How can wallet transfer can use nodes.Support wallet account.What is the current network congestion.

4. Second, in this case, the transfer of miners will also be higher than that of normal horizontal nodes. Why is the miner’s fee recharge from wallets to wallets?Because recharge transactions occur on the Internet, teach you how to get started quickly.

5. Support functional problems such as basic transfer of major banks.Mainly "recharge".20 Standard tokens and 721 standard tokens.-On optimize network node error information readability accounts.

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