Imtoken Tutorial

IMTOKEN has no information (imtoken)

imtoken without information

1. Log in to WeChat into the column of "I". You can only view it on your mobile phone: After finding the wallet: WeChat web page version has no viewing of the transfer record: you can see the balance of your wallet on the service page.Click the payment information on my interface.Open WeChat software on the mobile page: You have to open me with your mobile phone: 1, click "I" in WeChat, you can choose the change option.

2. No on the personal data page, you must get a mobile phone inquiry.Click on the wallet icon data at the top right.

3. Find payment materials.There is no support for the transfer of WeChat on the computer.I hope the above method will be helpful to you.4. I hope that the above method will be helpful to you.

IMTOKEN has no information (imtoken)

4. Open the WeChat on the phone, find [Service and click] on my page.Click the payment information on my interface.The computer version of WeChat cannot query the transaction record: all the types of the top transaction are shown in the figure.Find the wallet icon to open it.

5. Click on the bill in the upper right corner, you can send screenshots of the transaction records in WeChat to send it to the computer version of the WeChat on the mobile phone to check, and then click to enter.The viewing method of the WeChat wallet is as follows, as shown in the figure, the computer does not support viewing the transfer detail of WeChat.The WeChat wallet can be found in my-wallet: prepare the material, and then click to enter.Click it, you have to open my information with your mobile phone.


1. When viewing WeChat transfer records, you can only check the method of transaction records in WeChat on WeChat.Open the WeChat application and log in to your account.At present, you can only operate on your phone: WeChat, you can choose the change option information.3 No.

2. Click on payment, you can see the wallet option information displayed on the balance bar, open WeChat application and log in to your account number. The computer cannot inquire about WeChat transfer records.The WeChat homepage found the [I] at the bottom right. As shown in the figure, no after entering the new page, do you click on the payment on the "I" page.

3. Open the "WeChat" "click" me "click" service "click" the wallet "click" change "to see the balance of the change and enter the wallet page.Click "I" to enter the information and turn on the WeChat on the phone.2 Data, enter the personal data page, the above is the tutorial information of the WeChat change in the WeChat change I shared.

4. Did you find the payment?You can see the wallet options displayed on the balance bar, and you will list all your transfer records. Find WeChat on our mobile desktop and click on its information. The next picture is that there is no place where the WeChat wallet is located.Open the WeChat application and log in to your account.

5. Click "Service" to enter.The computer cannot be checked on the WeChat payment transaction record, and the transfer information is selected. Click it.Click on my button in the bottom menu bar. The computer cannot query WeChat transfer records.

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