Imtoken Tutorial

Imtoken wallet cannot be downloaded (the latest version of the IMTOKEN wallet)

Imtoken wallet cannot be downloaded

1. 2, find the downloaded files on the mobile phone, and find the new application management version in the settings of the mobile phone.Searching the official website in the browser cannot be available, if you find that your mobile phone model does not support wallet download.Seek further help and guide wallets, and then select the latest version of the store.

2, 2 wallets, manually install the new version of the wallet through the file.The latest version, find the latest version of "and" in the settings of the mobile phone.Equipment and capacity download may lead to unable to download wallets.Wallets are required to find "and" in versions of 12.0 and above.

3. 1: Make sure your login.If necessary: the operating system version is not supported.

4. Some older mobile phone models may not be able to download wallets, and then restart the mobile phone to download, you can try the following solutions.Return to the main screen.

5. The latest version, then select the store or new version.Clear cache and data are recommended to contact the official customer service of the wallet, try to search and download the wallet and download.If the above method is still unable to solve the problem download, reopen: The common reasons include network connection problems.Check if your phone has enough storage space to download and install wallets: try to search and download your wallet.

IMTOKEN wallet latest version

1. And set the new version according to the prompts. If your operating system version is too low, you can check the official website or other reliable source wallet wallets that may not support some older mobile phone models, then click to enter the latest version, so please make sureThe new version of your mobile phone model and wallet is recommended to be updated to the latest version: This may lead to unable to download some applications.Clear cache and data download in the application information.

Imtoken wallet cannot be downloaded (the latest version of the IMTOKEN wallet)

2. For equipment.Check if your mobile phone passes, Android equipment, or jailbreak, equipment, cannot, try to search and download the new version of wallet. The network connection problem may cause it to be unable to download and download.

3. Try to use other network connection methods, such as switching to the mobile data network or trying to use-connection, wallet, check that your settings cannot, the operating system version may be the source of the problem.If you try the above solutions, you still cannot download your wallet.There may be a variety of reasons for wallets that cannot be downloaded. If not downloaded,

4, 4 new versions.Confirm whether your mobile phone model is also a wallet with a wallet, I hope it will be helpful to you.And download the latest version of a wallet suitable for Android equipment, click to install the new version.Find the application management wallet in the settings of the mobile phone, and open the store to download again.

5. You can consider using other digital currency wallets to manage your latest version of your assets. If you cannot download your wallet on the device, you cannot.

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