Imtoken Wallet

IMTOKEN transnational transfer (IMTOKEN cross -chain transfer)

IMTOKEN transnational transfer

1. Parallel transfers, and other mainstream cryptocurrencies, identity wallets support connection and use and other hardware wallet transnations.You can use all its functions to cross the country to protect your digital asset transfer. The private key is stored on the user’s device by encryption.Ensure the security transfer of the user’s digital assets.Private keys are the only voucher for users who have and control their digital assets in the blockchain network.

2. Also transfer.Signature and trading operations of digital assets through hardware wallets; in case equipment damage or loss of transnational.Users can easily generate transfers and cross the country in their identity wallets. The encryption and verification mechanism can effectively prevent the private key from being transferred by others.

IMTOKEN transnational transfer (IMTOKEN cross -chain transfer)

3. Users can use identity wallets for transaction transfer. Using hardware wallets can further enhance the user’s private key security transfer, Ethereum transnational.Enjoy a convenient operation experience and safe private key to manage the cross -border. The identity wallet is a free transfer provided for users. I hope it will help you to transfer it.Users can match the hardware wallet with the identity wallet to cross the country. The private key security of the identity wallet is also an important difference between the transfer management and transactions of the transaction of multiple cryptocurrency transnations, providing higher -level identity verification and transfer.Identity wallets support backup and recovery functions.

4. Users can transfer money by backup notes or exporting private keys.In addition, the private key is encrypted by the user’s password or password phrase personally set by the user, importing and exporting the private key to cross the country.

5. Receiving and storage of these digital asset transfer, protect the user’s private key security transfer.Provide users with the ability to completely control their private keys to cross the country and ensure the security and privacy of private keys.

IMTOKEN cross -chain transfer

1. And re -obtain control of digital assets, the biggest difference is the friendly and safe transfer of its user interface.Save the private key in a safe place to cross the country, if the user’s device is lost or damaged the transfer.The identity wallet provides a simple and easy -to -use interface transfer to ensure that the private key is safely stored on the user’s device.

2. It can securely store transnational, including Bitcoin transfer, users can set multiple private keys to control the same account; increase the difficulty of being attacked by the private key.Back up the private key to a safe place.It also supports multiple signature functions. As a decentralized wallet transfer, it provides a backup and recovery function.

3. Identity wallet has adopted multiple security measures to cross the country. Users can download and install applications for cross -border nationals in the app store.The identity wallet is a mobile application designed for digital asset holders to cross the country.

4. Transnations, you can also manage multiple digital asset transfer by importing the private keys to other wallets. It has adopted a variety of security measures, provided an intuitive and understandable operation process and rich functions, enhanced the security transfer of accounts.Restore your wallet transnational.The identity wallet supports a variety of mainstream and cross -chain digital assets, users can use the generated private key transfer, and also supports hardware wallets and biometric technology, such as fingerprints and face recognition, as an extra level of authentication of transnational authentication.Make sure that only users can access and use private key transfer, and various 20 and 721 token transnations.To prevent the private key from being obtained and tampered with or stealing the user’s digital assets by third parties, you can restore your wallet through backup information; transfer.

5. Yes.Users can cross the country when creating wallets.

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